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Dragons of Southern Elone

The Dragons of Southern Elone, or Protector Dragons, are a group of seven Dragons, technically eight, who each protect a village in Draconian territory.  

Seven Dragons

There are Seven Dragons generally agreed to make up the Dragons of Southern Elone. These Dragons, all born from false eggs during the Coup of Zephys, are:
Oraakil Mardaar by fyrcracker
  • Wrakynth, the Eternal Flame- Bortan
  • Voldis, Lord of the Skies- Evity
  • Shirthec, Eater of Sheep- Ealla
  • Colmicirre, Taker of Death- Tamd
  • Accak, the Hidden Blade- Yirthum
  • Yernad, Protector of Life- Waire
  • Otikax, Champion of Beasts- Dembar
They are each named after the founder of their individual villages that they were given to, which they then would go on to protect.   Wrakynth, for instance, is Wrakris the Orange, Voldis is Voleth Saxan, Shirthec is Shirthecmonis Eravarax, Colmicirre is Colmiceth Nurdesh, Yernad is Yernok Caerxan, Otikax is Otikul Nurdesh, and so on.  

The Final Dragon

Technically, Oraakil Mardaar was the eighth Dragon of Southern Elone. He refounded Ilder, which was not standing when the eggs were given out. He had the ability to turn into a Dragon and therefore was the Dragon of Ilder, but he had a relatively mortal lifespan which the other Dragons did not have.  


The group of Dragons together are named for Southern Elone because of the alliance they represented: the Southern Elone Treaty Organization that united all Draconian Villages.
Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed by Jarhed
  This group, created by Nalrik Tilrak under orders from the creator of the eggs, Salasar Feaphed, was the incentive for peace among the Draconians.   When this peace was ultimately thrown into disarray with the Coup of Zephys, the Dragons of Southern Elone were the only thing that stood between the villages and war once again. They were the physical manifestation of the SETO Accords that the Chiefs had signed years prior.   They were given their individual names by Otikul Nurdesh, who was a historian obsessed with the names of the past, particularly those that never held the title of Grand Wizard.   However, it was not Otikul who named the group after SETO, even though Otikul was a member who brought Dembar into the organization, and was present for its founding.
Yilkin Tilrak by Jarhed
Otikul was reluctantly part of SETO to get an upper-hand.   The one who named the group after SETO was Yilkin Tilrak, Nalrik's wife and a Beastmaster who studied under Otikul. She freed them from Otikul and named them after the group her husband had made.  

Living Spaces in the Villages

Each village has a different living space and conditions for the Dragon of their village. These are detailed below.  
  Ilder is a special case that is worth discussing as a baseline, as their Dragon was the Village Chief, Oraakil Mardaar. Oraakil of course had a much shorter lifespan than the true Dragons, and so only lasted for one generation. In this time, he had the decision-making power as Chief, and lived peacefully in the Chief Hut on the northeastern edge of the Village.
Otikul Nurdesh by Jarhed

Creators of the Dragons

There are five figures that hold responsibility for the birth of the Dragons of Southern Elone. These people are Salasar Feaphed, Ilxar Nimphonker, Otikul Nurdesh, Yilkin Tilrak, and Older.   Upon his ascension to the position of Grand Wizard, Salasar Feaphed handed out seven eggs to the seven Village Chiefs at the time. These people were Otikul Nurdesh of Dembar, Ilxar Nimphonker of Tamd, Ikkul Ravofarn of Bortan, Tarthekar Padorim of Ealla, Kicad Bavul of Yirthum, Yernok Caerxan of Waire, and Onkesh Tazwunak of Evity.   These were meant to be gifts that placated the Chiefs and made them at least ambivalent towards Salasar, willing to listen to him.   This did not work, and ultimately Ilxar Nimphonker created a plan. When the Chiefs rebelled against Salasar in the Chief Crisis of 546-547, Ilxar planned it so the war would coincide with the date the eggs would hatch.   Ilxar then suggested to the other Chiefs, who all led separate sides of the war, that they attack Zephys and Salasar together. They agreed, and he watched them all fight Salasar for him. In the meantime, he "stole" all of their eggs, including Otikul's.   In truth, Otikul, who had not rebelled, willingly gave Ilxar his egg. He simply pretended to accidentally drop it. Otikul knew that they were fake, which Ilxar only found out when Salasar told him right before killing the Nimphonker. Otikul then was given all of the eggs.   Otikul then used the powers of Yilkin Tilrak's Beast Magic to bring the fake eggs to life, then using the ability of Older to age up the Dragons to adulthood. Then, he controlled these newly hatched adult Dragons who were willing to listen to him, convincing them to aid in the Coup of Zephys in 550.   Yilkin, however, managed to convince the Dragons to leave, freeing them from Otikul, taming them for the villages, and saving anyone who would have died to them. She convinced them to protect the villages they were originally given to.

  Bortan's living conditions for their Dragon were some of the harshest for a few reasons. While Yilkin Tilrak did fight for Wrakynth's rights, the Bortanni nobles, particularly Crocak Daxur, fought back. Wrakynth ultimately agreed to live in a fighting pit where he would take on challengers.   This was supposedly for the benefit of both parties, as Wrakynth could help train warriors while also getting experience in combat for himself. It is not out of a sense of hatred or resentment in any meaningful way, but rather that the Bortanni simply view Wrakynth as one of their own and therefore wish to train him and train with him.   The Tilrak family of Bortan often advocated for better rights for Wrakynth, and while they were able to keep anyone from killing him (a feat few Bortanni warriors would even have a chance at pulling off) they were not able to keep Wrakynth safe from their own people. Still, the Tilraks generally like to check in on Wrakynth to make sure that he is okay.  
  Evity treats Voldis with fear and interest, as many Evitians do with their studies as well. Voldis is a curiosity that the Evitians wish to stay away from. They protects the people of Evity when they please, and the Evitians do not resurrect the strongest Draconians of all time to kill them. It's a mutual agreement between the two parties involved.   Voldis made themselves a perch in Evity atop the tallest tower in the village, the Chief Hut. They sometimes ask for tribute from the people of Evity, which ranges from food, some type of weapon, magical item, or even just a random bauble. If it is not brought to them in the time Voldis wants it, they will start destroying some buildings or eating some citizens as a warning. Voldis knows not to bite the hand that feeds them too much, but they also know how to exert some small control over the people of Evity.   Some Evitians try to study Voldis, but it is rather random when he chooses to allow them to or not. It seems to be a passing whim from the Dragon, which causes some Evitians to hesitate in asking for fear of losing their life.  
  Ealla handles Shirthec with grace. Shirthec is allowed to live on a stage built specifically for them, where the curtain can close and open from a simple pulley that is Dragon sized, meaning that only Shirthec or someone as strong as a Dragon can open or close it. Festivals are held at this venue when Shirthec announces that they want to hold one. Shirthec themselves will often perform, composing something that they worked on between the time that the last festival happened and the next.   This Draconic Patron of the Arts will often give out large prizes of gold, alongside sheep that they have stolen from around the area. They generally only leave to go eat sheep, which is often why Eallans will simply bring sheep near the stage: to feed Shirthec. They are treated not just well, but with true reverence, by the people of Ealla.  
  Tamd is a strange case with its Dragon. Tamd has a relation with multiple Dragons due to its close proximity to the Temple of Helle, so Colmicirre is no different in many respects to the other Dragons. The Tamdians accept Colmicirre as one of their own, but impose some rules on him for this.   For one, Colmicirre is asked to not leave Tamd for long, and if he does, he can only go to the Temple of Helle or to fight for the Tamdian people. Otherwise, Colmicirre is asked to stay within the boundary of the Poison Peninsula, isolated like the rest of Tamd.   Colmicirre made himself a large platform of ice in the bay where he sleeps. When it gets particularly warm, he will simply lay himself out over nearby homes, damaging them for his own comfort. While in many places this would cause outrage, the Tamdians see this as Colmicirre taking on the true spirit of the village.  
  Yirthum treats their Dragon the worst of all villages. The reasoning for Accak's mistreatment is the Elves that control Yirthum. While the Chief of Yirthum has power, they are ordered around by the Elven King and Captains.   The Elves consider Accak a great threat to their freedom and, due to this, order the Yirthumites to chain Accak up and torture him on occassion. Their intention is to get Accak to detest the Yirthumites so that, if they ever attempt to use her to rise up, she will attack them instead of the Elves.   She resides in a corridor that was built after the Coup of Zephys by an independent contractor from Yirthum, the Beldrish family. It is rather shoddily built, but Accak resides in it because she prefers to hide away.  
  Dembar is said to have the best condition for their Dragon, Otikax. Part of this comes down to the simple fact that it is a village of Beastmasters who know how to treat any non-humanoid with dignity and respect. Beyond that, the conditions were set in place by the man that helped to create the Dragons: Otikul Nurdesh. He intended to keep all of them and, thus, had a surplus of supplies and space for Otikax.   Otikax is given free rein to roam the land around Dembar. He has a plot of land that is specifically his, but he is allowed anywhere. He hunts to the east, roams west to see his brothers and sisters, and even flies south on some occassions when he desires seafood. His land is kept clean and food is provided when he is home by a group of Beastmasters assigned to take care of him.  
  Waire's Yernad is confined to a clearning near the center of the village for most of the time, due largely to the fact that the Dragon Lord Fraeton the Usurper may consider her a threat if she goes into his territory, and the Waire citizens do not wish to lose their protector Dragon in a turf war.   The people of Waire are said to give the best tribute to Yernad, often finding things around the forest or stealing them from the nearby Ilder to give to her. Ilder, who does not really have a Protector Dragon, cannot do much about this, nor do they generally wish to. However, this does fuel some sparks of conflict between the two villages.   Yernad is continuously fed garlic, onions, and other such things that weaken Vampires, and the clearing she lives in is surrounded in briar plants to ward off vampires as well. Yernad is meant to be the ultimate vampire slaying weapon, a Dragon raised to kill all vampires that cross her path.

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