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Dragon Lord

The Dragon Lords are the strongest Dragons in existence, those granted the title specifically by the Gods of Dragons themselves, Bahamut and Tiamat.  
Phrixus by Jarhed


The Dragon Lords begun with Kath the Eternal, who was created early into the creation of Totania itself by Bahamut. Kath lived for a long time as the sole creature on Totania.   Until Tiamat decided to try and one-up her brother by creating beings to go with Kath. Not exactly the same, she did not want them to be metal. All metal was reserved for her treasure hoard. However, they instead were various colors of the rainbow.   The first of these was Zome, Lord of the Red. He antagonized Kath, often battling him. Kath, however, held back against Zome. For Kath did not want to be alone on Totania. So he allowed Zome to rampage. He was less happy about the other Dragon Lords, yet still he refused to fight them. He was glad to have company.  
Helle by Jarhed

Through History

The Dragon Lords have a large role in the history of Totania. Kath the Eternal founded the Magic College and helped convert the Dragonborn to Bahamut's religion. He then helped the first Grand Wizard, Kilprax Ildial, until the two clashed. Since then, Kath has been less prominent in world politics, only intervening when he absolutely has to.   Zome, Lord of Red also does not care much about politics. He causes chaos, and thus even the sound of his wings flapping is known to instill fear into the hearts of every person in the world. In most major cities, there are "Zome Bunkers." These are made to protect people in the case that Zome, Lord of Red attacks their city.   Reoma the Wretched often messes with the Lizardfolk, trying to kill all of them to get them out of his land. At this point, he goes about it in more tricky ways, as he is sick of them finding a way to trick him and survive his more brutal attacks.   Fraeton the Usurper hates Elves and does everything in his power to undermine them in any way that he can. Any plot to kill a prominent Elf is probably thanks to Fraeton in some way.   Jarrur, Lord of Dark is in charge of the Dark Elves, so his role in politics is quite firm. He even has a fairly diplomatic relationship with the World Court.   The final Dragon Lord that interferes in politics in Meghorranth the Cunning, who often eats Southern Triton whenever she gets the opportunity. She does not necessarily hate them, but simply finds it blasphemous for them to live near the Temple of Tiamat and not worship her.  
Vornush Wrakris by Jarhed

World Court

Aside from Jarrur, the other Dragon Lords (aside from Kath) have recently been recruited by the World Court to help them in a large scheme. What the scope of this is unclear, though a group of adventurers known as the Questers were slain by a Dragon Lord. It is believed to have been Zome, though there is no confirmation.   The Dragon Lords have, for the most part, been silent. They await orders, not just from the World Court, but from their true master. From the Goddess Tiamat, and her herald: Vornush Wrakris.

All Dragon Lords

Here is a list of all known Dragon Lords. There are reports of a second Green Dragon Lord in the Abral Islands, alongside legends of other Metallic Dragon Lords. There is no concrete evidence of either of these things.
  • Kath the Eternal (Gold)- The first living being ever created on Totania, Kath has lived for an uncountable amount of years, wishing to save anyone in danger in return for payment in some way. He believes that no justice comes without payment, though not all payment is monetary.
  • Zome Lord of Red (Red)- The second creature ever made, Zome does not want to protect anything. He does not even hoard treasure, instead wishing only destruction and domination of anything that stands in his way. He is a Dragon of pure chaos.
  • Reoma the Wretched (Black)- Reoma lives on his swamp island on the Northwestern coast of Udai. He did not intend to interfere with Totania, but when the Lizardfolk tried to settle near him, he decided to spend his existence trying to exterminate them and keep them from living peacefully on what was once his land.
  • Fraeton the Usurper (Green)- Fraeton lives in the Elven Forest, cultivating vegetables like Onions. He also hates Elves and wants to undermine their society in any way he can.
  • Jarrur Lord of Dark (Purple)- Jarrur is technically in charge of the Dark Elves, as they will ask him for advice on how to run their society. Any other time, he just lounges away in the Dark Elven caves, enjoying the darkness.
  • Inrilyth the Hushed (White)- Inrilyth is rarely seen. There are few accounts of her, partially due to her living in Moroza. She sleeps underneath the snow and only attacks those that disturb her slumber. Others say she does not speak, or at least tries to hold her tongue.
  • Meghorranth the Cunning (Blue)- Meghorranth is the most devoted Dragon Lord to Tiamat, staying in the seas outside of her Temple. Meghorrant believes that she, specifically, was created in Tiamat's image. She antagonizes the residents of the Great Sea and even goes into the Great Dip when she pleases.
  • Nammat the Unseen (Brown)- Nammat hides beneath the sands of the Uncharted Desert waiting for prey. He is the weakest Dragon Lord, relying on stealth rather than power to defeat opponents.

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