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Crocophants are animals that appear to be a combination of elephants and crocodiles, making imposing, strong, and monstrous creatures.  


The scaley, leathery skin of a crocodile outlines the large, elephant-like body of a Crocophant as they loom around 10 feet tall and weigh around six tons. This is the average, but they can be as short at a mature age as 8 feet and as tall as 13 feet.   Their trunks resemble that of an elephant, as well as their ears, and they do have tusks like elephants, so one would not be remiss for saying they resemble elephants more than crocodiles. However these tusks are not curved like elephant tusks, instead sharp and straight, like spears protruding from its face.   The teeth of a crocophant, when it opens its mouth, are also sharp and crocodilian, allowing them a more carnivorus diet. They have the tails of a crocodile, which help them with mobility through the savanna and jungle.  


Crocophants have an average lifespan of about 60 years in most cases, though some live into their upper 70s when not in captivity and with healthy diets.  


Crocophants have a carnivorous diet that consists of largely aquatic creatures: fish, amphibians, and birds that frequent sources of water. This is, however, only for snacks. Their main food comes from wildebeests, deer, buffalo, and other large mammals.  


Crocophants do not lay eggs, instead following the same birthing process as most mammals.


The Southernmost Continent of Totania, Shafai is largely inhabited by jungles or savannas. Crocophants can be found in both of these regions, though mostly they reside in the savannas towards the western portion of the continent, and surrounding regions.   It is rare, for instance, to find a Crocophant deep enough in the jungle to be as far east as Iganjojo.   However, some make their habitats in the particularly damp regions near the savanna, especially towards the southern area of the continent.   The main problem is not that they cannot survive in the jungle, but simply that there are too many trees for them to live in the denser areas.

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They have a gestation period that lasts an average of 20 months, longer than many other mammals. Still, they follow mammals with many other things, which causes many scholars to question whether these creatures are mammals or reptiles.

Cover image: Elephant by Sasint


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