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Chadzar Dalarune

The First Dark Elf

Professor Chadzar Dalarune (a.k.a. The Dark Progenitor)

Chadzar Dalarune was the first Dark Elf, and the first major voice to speak out against the Elven Kingdom run by the Nerifir Royal Family, particularly Meiriris Nerifir. He then led an uprising that was chased out, which then became the Dark Elven people.


Dresmorlin Cobath

Mentor (Trivial)

Towards Chadzar Dalarune



Chadzar Dalarune

Student (Vital)

Towards Dresmorlin Cobath



Chadzar Dalarune

Subject (Vital)

Towards Meiriris Nerifir



Meiriris Nerifir

Foe (Trivial)

Towards Chadzar Dalarune




Born not long after the Holy Rebellion, the Dalarune family were one of many Elven and Orcish families to have children in the newly freed city of Camor.
Meiriris Nerifir by Jarhed
  Chadzar was born Fanvyre Dalarune, daughter of Tavster and Nafyra Dalrune, but did not feel comfortable with that name nor gender identity. At the age of twenty, he officially transitioned, even using the Splitting of the Self ritual.   In this ritual, he met Janus, who told him that Chadzar was at a crossroads and would need to make a decision. That the world held on his shoulders.  

A Generation of Unrest

After all, there was a growing feeling of dissent in the new generation.   They felt disregarded for their entire lives, as if the Elves in charge were more intent on running a nation and making life better for themselves that they didn't actually care much for the children they actually built the nation for.
2021 AE 1776 AE 245 years old
Circumstances of Birth
In the newly freed Camor.
Circumstances of Death
Place of Death
The Dark Elven Cave
Long, blonde hair with white highlights (High Elf), Long, white hair with blonde highlights (Dark Elf)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White (High Elf), Grey (Dark Elf)
Chadzar, in particular, was noted once saying:
"It feels like the more that Meiriris Nerifir and her followers have taken to the positions of the Gods they hated, the more they start to resemble them."
— Chadzar Dalarune
The Elves had, after all, just led a rebellion to free themselves from slavery at the hands of the Gods, and while they weren't enslaving the new generation, they were trapping them in the shackles of expectations and laws designed for Elves that had already grown and experienced life and hardship. It was not a world where people could actually grow up, they were expected to already be grown.
Amukk God Breaker by Jarhed
  Not only that, but the Elves had been incredibly oppressive. Not long after Chadzar's generation was born, an Elven noble named Galgeon Lusisce led a group to attempt to kill or drive out all of the Orcs, which led the Amukk God Breaker leading the Orcs out of Camor to show how he did not support the Elven position anymore. This event was known as the March of the Orcs.   It was an incredibly oppressive system that benefited only those that already had, and left no path for those that had nothing but a future.   Still, these pleas of the younger generation were met with:
"You speak of oppression as if you know it. This system leaves much freedom for you, much more than we were given. We were slaves, with nothing but chains. You are children. It is incomparable."
— Meiriris Nerifir
  This only served to enrage Chadzar and the other younger members of his generation. They needed a solution, and they needed one now.   That was when someone else approached Chadzar with an offer. Chadzar hadn't even really noticed that he'd become a face and voice for this young movement, but he had. And this person took notice.   Dresmorlin Cobath, the First Elf, a noble also known as the Queen's Brother. He was the closest person to Meiriris aside from her husband Narkard Tinnel Nerifir. Chadzar was confused as to why Dresmorlin would want to help him if he was so close to Meiriris, but Dresmorlin merely answered:
Dresmorlin Cobath by Jarhed
"I sympathize with you. While many of my peers look down on you because they do not share the same experiences as you, I see a kindred spirit in your charismatic words and gentle eyes, firm with resolve.   If you are to make any progress, you will need the aid of someone in the regime rather than made up entirely of children with no voice. I am the perfect candidate to help you against my dear sister.   Besides, I think it would be quite... entertaining."
— Dresmorlin Cobath
In truth, all Dresmorlin wanted was entertainment. He sought fun, and wanted to provoke Meiriris. Chadzar just happened to be the best instrument for this.   Chadzar was, at first, skeptical of the old Elf helping him, but Dresmorlin was skilled in the arts of deception and convincing others. He talked his way to Chadzar's side as his closest advisor, and suggested the best course of action to really get Meiriris to listen to him.  

The Dark Elven Uprising

In -1996, or 204 according to the Ancient Elven Calendar, Chadzar led a peaceful march on Camor Keep.
Narkard Tinnel Nerifir by Jarhed
  This was not what Meiriris's forces were expecting. Dresmorlin had talked with Narkard Nerifir, his best friend, and told him that the young Elves would march with weapons to take out Meiriris like their generation had done to the Gods.
"We set a bad precedent, my friend. It is time we prepare to guard ourselves. You are lucky that I was able to get these secrets... it is my one and only job in this nation."
— Dresmorlin Cobath
  Captain Commander Tavzion Mossense was waiting with Galgeon Lusisce and his army at the Keep, but Tavzion noticed that the kids did not have weapons. All they held were signs and conviction. He ordered his men to stand down, but Galgeon Lusisce shouted over him for the Elven soldiers to charge.   It was a bloodbath, with many young Elves being cut down. Some, then, gave in and surrendered, being arrested. But Galgeon Lusisce led a group to chase after Chadzar Dalarune. Chadzar managed to bring Dresmorlin with him, getting the old Elf involved in his troubles and forcing Dresmorlin to run as well.   Cornered in the forest, however, Chadzar found a saving grace. The Stemine, a rose that glowed with a blue aura. Upon touching it as he led a group of Elves, all those touching him or in a chain to someone touching him at the time were telported to a cave.  
Stemine in a Field by genuinetrickster
Those that weren't remained in the forest, becoming Wood Elves, but those that made it to the caves found themselves stuck in a place that Galgeon and Meiriris could not reach.   Eventually their skin would grey from exposure to the Stemine, and they would become known as Dark Elves.  

Professor Dalarune

Chadzar devoted the remainder of his life to studying plants, particularly the strange rose that had teleported him there.   He became the first Dark Elf to achieve a degree, in botany of all things, which he granted himself with the authority the people insisted he had.   Of course, he did not have that authority. He had denied it, not wanting to become any kind of tyrant. He did not want to lead, he simply wanted to study plants and understand the truth of this strange magical creation that had changed the course of world history with a single touch.   He became a Professor, ultimately trying to teach people the secrets of the Stemine that he had learned. After all, in his lifetime, he made great strides at understanding the Stemine, moreso than anyone else, becoming as revered for that as he was for leading the Dark Elves to the Stemine in the first place. This was all he wanted. To be known as more than just some revolutionary figure, but a strong academic that could inspire others.
Chernobog by Jarhed

The Dead Man's Tale

While Chadzar became a teacher, his own mentor grew to oppose Chadzar.   Since Chadzar had not accepted a leadership position, there was nothing he could legally do as Dresmorlin stepped up and started creating much of the same governmental structure as Camor had, particularly reinstating the nobility and granting himself the highest noble title.   Dresmorlin treated the non-nobles incredibly poorly, trying to provoke Chadzar, and eventually he did. In a duel, Chadzar defeated Dresmorlin, but did not kill him or detain him. Chadzar did not believe he had the authority.   Dresmorlin then killed most of the people Chadzar was close to, again trying to provoke him. Finally enraged, Chadzar challenged Dresmorlin in a duel again, once more defeating him. This time, Chadzar had him arrested and locked away forever.   After some time, however, Dresmorlin broke free and killed Chadzar. No one knows the exact circumstances, as many believe it was not Dresmorlin who killed him, and that Dresmorlin died in prison. Those that believe Dresmorlin broke out say he gained Demon Magic and brought forth the greatest of nightmares to kill Chadzar.   Chadzar's body was never found. There was not even a trace of blood or viscera. Only the horrific aura that something unspeakable had happened.  



Chadzar Dalarune was assigned female at birth, but in adulthood he transitioned to a man. This was the gender he felt comfortable being addressed as, and he went on record to say it was one of the few decisions in his life that he never once regretted.  


Chadzar Dalarune was homosexual, being attracted to men. Upon the foundation of the Dark Elven nation, many feared this if he was to be a revered figure, but he insisted that this was for the best, to prevent a tyrannical dynasty like the Nerifirs hope to establish. He would have no children, so could not do the same.   He did, however, adopt two children who were left alone in the Dark Elven Caves, and he loved them up until his dying day.  


Chadzar Dalarune was not born into wealth, being from a family of non-noble Elves, but when he moved to the Dark Elven Caves he came into a large fortune due to his role as the shepherd of the Dark Elves.

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