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Aurilet is a small farming village on the eastern side of Human territory, near the border with the Gnomes, the Uncharted Desert, and the Jihdi.  

Major Locations

Aurilet is a small village known mostly for its farms and semi-convenient location amidst some major locations.  

The Law Farm

A prominent farm on the eastern side of the village, known for raising animals (specifically cows and horses) as well as growing some simple crops like wheat. The Law family is moreso known for the members of it who leave the farm, such as Briffault, Rosenthal, and Murphy, but in the village the farm is beloved.  

The Punchforce Home

A traditional hang out for young folks, three different Punchforce children live here with their mother Dianna. These children are friends with just about every young person in Aurilet, so children and teens are often seen around the home.  

The Trading Center

A place where merchants stop in on occasion, though it often has little going on. The arrival of merchants is such an important event for the relatively secluded village that many people in Aurilet gather just to watch them.   Travelling theatre troupes also stop by the Trading Center sometimes, using the spaces normally filled by merchant stalls to put on performances like A Dreamless Sleep.   This is also where Priestly escorts come to bring the residents to the Church of Erathis when it is time for services and ceremonies.  


Aurilet has no choice but to follow the Goddess Erathis, for her Church resides in the city of Gremont not too far North. Her priests, especially Head Priest Ram Rodraz, are quite insistent that everyone should follow Erathis, so a weak settlement like Aurilet that stands so close to Gremont stands no chance in disobeying.  


Aurilet is run by a mayor, who is assigned by the King in Nerodil to run the village. Often, mayoral candidates will make their case to the King around the season when he picks them. More often, though, the King disregards their testimonies and chooses at random.   The mayor often works with a town council that they choose to make important decisions. Mayors do not, however, gain control of any military forces. Some mayors have tried to raise armies, while others rely on the help of the Nerodil guard or forces within Gremont like the Priests of Erathis to help in battles.
Murphy S Law by RationallyUpset

Famous Residents

Aurilet has housed some big names in its little old fields. Due to its close proximity to the city of Gremont, there are some residents that have taken up the robes and joined the Church of Erathis that resides in that city. But their names pale in comparison to the four big names of the village.  
  • Die Punchforce- The patriarch of a well known family in the village, Die Punchforce abandoned Aurilet after gaining Strength Magic, and has been known in recent times to have gone on a rampage in the Uncharted Desert.
  • Rosenthal Nutsk- A Beastmaster and member of the Army of the Revolution.
  • Briffault Law- Former Head Priest of the Church of Erathis.
  • Murphy S. Law- Magic College Student in the Class of 550, wielder of Structure Magic, Priest of Erathis, and a supposed Prophet.
Central Elone
A Map of the Majority of Elone along with the easternmost Portion of Udai.

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