The Creation of the Universe


Suddenly there was the Creator. Around Them there was nothing. So the Creator cried a single tear. The tear dropped and splashed and thus the World and the Moons were born. The Creator embraced the World and from Their life force the World came alive. Nature flourished, water sprang up, and winds started blowing.   But the Creator still found the World empty so They took Their nails from Their fingers and toes and threw them out over the World. Thus the animals were born. They then took Their teeth and threw them out as well, and they became the people, to take care of and make use of the animals.   The Creator realised that the life needed warmth and light. They took one of Their eyes and put it in the sky, aflame with all of Their love. The other eye never turned away from Their creation.   Lastly They took their hair and laid it as a guarding net over the World. This net gave birth to the first of the Deities, and their mission were to guard over the World.

Historical Basis

Whether or not this is the true origin of the world and universe no one knows, probably not even the deities. Scientists have spent centuries trying to figure out how much, if any, of it is true, and a lot of people interpret the advancements in the sciencies as proof that things just couldn't have been created in this way. Physics, geology, astronomy and the like prove that the world is just so complicated in how it built and works.   The deities have always kept to this version of the events however, even the deities that admire science and sometimes help scientists out, which some have taken as a proof that it might just be true. After all, the deities never agree on something this fully.


This tale exists in every religion, although the details sometimes vary slightly. No matter how people have decided to interpret things after the creation of the universe, this is the one thing most people have in common, no matter where in the world you are. The general consensus for how this has come to be is that the tale must have been given to the people by the deities at some point in the distant past.

Cultural Reception

The creation myth is a part of every religion in the world, although it varies how much importance is put on this story in particular. For some it's simply just a story of how the world came to be while the rest of the religion cares much more about certain deities and occurances that happens later. Some religions however considers this story to be very central, with the Original being of more importance than even the deities people know still exists.

Date of First Recording
Among the first recorded tales in existance
Date of Setting
At the dawn of time
Related Ethnicities
Related Locations


Over time the story has been adapted to each people's believes with details being added, removed, or changed to fit better into their societies. However, the core concept of the tale has remained remarkably similar to the original version.   The main change that has been made though is that most newer versions mention a plural of tears falling from the Creator, representing all known planets, instead of the singular tear for the Earth.   Another interesting thing that tends to vary is the gender of the creator. While the earliest versions tend to describe them as completely genderless, it has varied over time and place. Most modern versions either describe them as in the original, or as female.

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