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The High Head Citadel is home to all entities and beings of divine origins and abilities. High Head is the Godhome of all gods of all pantheons and religions. Turav the founder of Torrolen descended from High Head with his children. All of the Floto's many deities reside in the High towers of High Head. The Sun rests on top of the highest spire in High Head, but during the night, it transforms into the moon.   The Tortles of High Head.   There are three types of Tortles in High Head. The Healers, The Firos, and The Breathers. The Healers have the ability to heal wounds and diseases, a famous healer tortle is Sandrai the Nurse. The Firos are highly trained in the manipulation of fire and smoke. The Firos are the most combat focused type of the Tortles. The Breathers are the rarest type of Tortle to be born in High Head. They have the godly gift of being able to breath life into inanimate objects, which is how Turav created the inhabitants of Torrolen.   The High Council.   The high council is the major political party in High Head, and has ruled over the citadel for thousands of years. Turav is the leading member of the council. Straya the Tiefling is the member that specializes in military matters. Xurgo the Kenku deals with all trade and merchant business. Turr the Elf is the head of magical education as well as education in general. And finally is Tifi the Pondo, who deals with all the tourism and the cleaning of all famous landmarks.   The Districts of High Head.   High Head citadel is chopped up into four districts. The Rat District, The Tiger District, The Rabbit District, and The Dragon District. The Rat District is the lowest section of the High Head, and the warriors of High Head are currently struggling to hold it from the armies of Low Leg. The Tiger District is full of inns and Taverns, and is where most of the population lives. The Rabbit District is where all the guilds and companies of High Head reside. The Dragon District is where all important personnel live and maintain the city, including the High Council.


High Head is run by the High Council, a circle of divine beings that is changed every two hundred years.
Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
The Heavens
All that is divine.
Inhabitant Demonym
Divine Beings.

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