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The Paladin

The Paladin Kerrion

19Kerrion then sat with the old man on the side of the road, taking his hand in his own. 20As best Kerrion could, began wiping the dirt from the old mans hand. 21Kerrion reached within his pack and placed upon the hand the last of his rations. 22In amicable silence they sat, the old man eating while Kerrion hummed a low tune.
— Excerpt from holy sacrifice, 2:19-22
  The Paladin is a signal of hope in bleak moments, the bastion of good, and the hero of the people. It was in his mind that the people of this world should be actively pursuing means to better it for future generations, in so doing, after his death he inspired a paladin order to form, the Order of Sacrifice. A collection of his exploits was gathered and written into a book, containing second hand accounts of his actions from those he had helped directly as well as other members of the Four. After this work gained widespread appeal, it was elevated in status to a religious tome and so gained the name "Holy Sacrifice,"

Divine Domains

Justice, Sacrifice

Holy Books & Codes

Holy Sacrifice

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A Shield with outstretched hands on it.

Tenets of Faith

Thine life is not their own, It belongs to the people. Serve them to the betterment of the world, so thine children might prosper.

Divine Classification
Order of Sacrifice

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