A young world in relation to the cosmos, Torrin is a world wrought with strife. Monsters and dangerous creatures lurk in every corner. The sentient races can be seen banding together to form communities so they might stand a chance against the onslaught. The "civilized" societies war with one another for control over land already cleared of threats. Torrin has known many wars.

The gods have seemingly left Torrin to destroy itself, only revealing their powers to the most devout followers. Kingdoms and empires have slowly turned away from traditional practices and instead revere heroes, whose deeds and power altered the course of history, as self proclaimed deities.

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13He burst through the door, answering the screams of helplessness. 14Charging into an enemy infested room, taking quarrel after quarrel to the chest. 15Pushing his wounds from his mind he pulled the woman from her prison and shielded her with his body. 16And so it is this way we dedicate our lives.
— Excerpt from holy sacrifice, 5:13-16

The Order of Sacrifice lives and breaths based on the stories of one of the Four, the Paladin. The Paladin gave his life in an attempt to save a human who had been captured by a group of illithids. This order formed around the ideas and practices of protecting the weak and innocent, wherever they may be found. No sacrifice is too great for members, to the point where some folks call them zealots of a cult. Their founding temple, Respite is located in Palin.


The order is overseen by the Reverend Templar, an elected position that is responsible for the teachings and interpretations of the orders tenants. They pick the members that will be in charge for training the next generation of paladins. Other than when the reverend calls for members with specific goals or tasks in mind, they are left to their own devices. Relying on their teachings to better the world.

Public Agenda

The Order of Sacrifice has no announced public agenda, instead relying on word of mouth to spread their good deeds. However, when a new Reverend Templar is elected it has become tradition to remind the populace that they hold no affiliation with political powers.

Religious, Holy Order
Controlled Territories

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