A young world in relation to the cosmos, Torrin is a world wrought with strife. Monsters and dangerous creatures lurk in every corner. The sentient races can be seen banding together to form communities so they might stand a chance against the onslaught. The "civilized" societies war with one another for control over land already cleared of threats. Torrin has known many wars.

The gods have seemingly left Torrin to destroy itself, only revealing their powers to the most devout followers. Kingdoms and empires have slowly turned away from traditional practices and instead revere heroes, whose deeds and power altered the course of history, as self proclaimed deities.

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On the crest of a ridge, gaze taking in the flame wreathed city, plumes of smoke obscuring an otherwise clear day, a tall woman stands upright. Beside her, a stout dwarf speaks, his voice like gravel, "Navina, the opposition has offered its surrender." The woman, without moving gives her reply, "Then it is done, and so begins my empire. May the Four give us the guidance to make it prosper."
— Navina Victoria II, First Empress

While there has never been a day of peace for the empire, the results cannot be argued. The Navinellion army has fanned out from Palin conquering swaths of land and towns. Those of the empire prosper, and conquered settlements quickly warm to the idea when the sting of defeat leaves their hearts and the sorrow of lost loved ones becomes bearable. It has not always been a prosperous time however, in the early days of conquest, rebellions and riots threatened to destroy the fledgling empire. Since those early days conquests have slowed, opting to gain full control over existing people first.


The empress rules over the empire. Surrounded by advisers who assist her in making decisions, these aids hold no real political power. Cities other than the capitol are ruled over by a hand picked person by the empress. This person is usually a local who will be able to calm the general population if they were conquered. These leaders are granted the title of, Baron, Dutch Mayor, etc..

Public Agenda

The empire is ever looking towards expansion. Conquering other civilizations and absorbing them into their culture.

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative names
The empire
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories

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6 Mar, 2018
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