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Axe of the Empress

"I know what I seen, an army emerging from that town o'er there, unscathed, I swear not even a hair out of place. Cold and ruthless killin' machines they be, them Empress Axe are no good and i'll be damned quick to get outta town if they be comin' here."
— Over heard by a patron of the Hogs Head Tavern
  Members of this organization are an essential part of the empires military operations. Ruthless fighters and expert tacticians, they work outside of the law, answering directly to the reining empress. Easily recognized by their uniform, a royal blue tabard emblazoned with the banner of the empire, a silver dragons head roaring with a streak of lightning flashing in the landscape behind.


What little is known of the Axe structure is that training and overall performance is overseen by a general. The general deals with squad leaders who oversee a small contingent of between 4-6 Axe units. It is thought once rookies complete their training they serve with the city guard in Palin. An un-substantiated rumor is that the empresses military adviser is generally a retired Axe member.

Public Agenda



Military, Special Operations Force
Alternative names
Parent Organization
Navinellion Empire

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