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The Tornathian League

  Folk: Most Tornathian Men have slightly darker skin than the average Westerlander (because of the hot sun in their land, they say), and tend to have dark, curly hair.
Language: Tornathian
  Coinage: (Cu)Damarch(cuff); (Ag)Damarch(age); (Au)Damarch(augur)
Religion: High Church (Tornathian)
    Tornathia — the land south of the Tarnwater and west of the Drakine and Ironheart Mountains, roughly speaking — is a low-lying region of plains broken up by many rivers (great and small), small lakes, and swampy regions that make travel difficult. As a result it evolved not into a single kingdom, but rather a series of city-states, each in control of the lands nearest its walls and not much more.

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