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Okúi Shān Silvereye

Okúi Shān Silvereye (She/Her)

Okúi Shān is one of the Chainsingers best known in Anvulmar for her cheery attitude that seems to only grow in the face of mortal peril, and her unique mix of heritages that led her to be one of the best Chainsingers of the modern age.

Physical Description

Body Features

Okúi Shān has grey skin like the colour of concrete with pale markings and scales. Her canines protrude out of her mouth at all times and she has large horns that start on her forehead and stretch back over her head. Her eyes are bright silver without pupils. She bears a passing resemblance to spirits from Da Jin mythology, and her name is a reference to that.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Okúi Shān was born to a father from the Chen family, whose own father had been called to Anvulmar by the Quiet One, and a mother from the Silvereye family, named for the grey and silver Infernals that sometimes showed up in their family line. Thus Okúi Shān, who was herself born an Infernal, had both fiendish and Scalebound blood, and held the apearance of such with hints of both her Kandar and Da Jin ethnicity.   With her father's line being well versed in the weapons used by Chainsingers and her manic nature, along with two kinds of magic at her disposal, it was perhaps inevitable that Okúi Shān grew up to become a Chainsinger. Even the ones that trained her were quickly impressed by her mastery of the weapon, creative solutions, and powerful magic.   Okúi Shān was visiting distant family in Daijo with her father when The Walkers and their mission came under threat. She joined up with the Anvulmarans going to their aid to also assist, an unexpected boon in firepower.
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Current Residence
Almond shaped, silver colouration, no pupils
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Known Languages
Kandar, Da Jin, some (Candala) Common

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