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Ring of Protection

Rings of Protection are well-known magical items from a time long past. Most of these wondrous rings have lost almost all of their power and now offer little actual protection, but they are still sought after by adventurers who find that the minor enchantments work well as supplementary protection. Most of these rings began to fluctuate around during the Age of Kings when they were granted to human noble lords by their dwarven and elven allies. The rings typically double as signet rings, but many have since passed out of the owning families, and some were later reshaped into more traditional rings to avoid the association, but some inspection usually still reveals the original nature of the rings.     When worn, the ring grants a +1 AC bonus and a +1 bonus to all saving throws, but the ring also causes a number of inadvertent effects that causes some discomfort and confusion in everyday life. For instance, the ring makes it somewhat difficult to enjoy carnal relations, it makes it harder to swallow nourishment and even shaking someone's hand can feel odd.  


  You cannot benefit from these rings and other magical gear of protection at the same time.

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