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1488 DR

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The fictional world of Toril is part of the campaign setting "Forgotten Realms", which is owned by Wizards of the Coast and is the default setting in D&D 5th Edition, 4th Edition and 2nd Edition, making it the most frequently chosen default world for D&D. This particular representation of Toril and the rest of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting is heavily modified by myself, but most of the art and many names found here are not my own creations. Credit where credit is due and all that, but I am fairly confident that everything portrayed here falls under fair-use, as the vast majority of the pictures and names I am using are from the Forgotten Realms wiki-page.   Toril (pronounced: /toʊˈrɪl/ toh-RILL or: /tɔːrˈrɪl/ tor-RILL) was the third (of eight) planet from the Sun in Realmspace (the "Toril System"). It was orbited by one moon named Selûne, and by a cluster of asteroids, known as the Tears of Selûne. The world of Toril is merely one of several inhabited planets in the "Prime Material Realm". The Prime Material Realm has the unfortunate quality of being a point of convergence for other realities and planes that bleed into the Prime Material Plane, and so over the many millennia that Toril has been inhabited by sapient creatures, the world has literally changed as monsters appear, new sapient species arrive and larger and more powerful beings take an interest in the otherwise unassuming planet.