Renderby is the only significant town in the isolated highlands upriver from Zelkor’s Ferry and the mouth of the Canyon River. By some strange twist of theology, the folk of the Renderby Hills are convinced that sins are transferred into whatever goods a person produces, and transferred to the eventual user or buyer. For this reason, merchants are a special class of individual, since their purchases absolve the seller’s sins. Merchants dress in a distinctive orange coat in these highland regions to show their quasi-holy status, and purchase goods even from the worst sinners as long as the sinner offers a substantial discount on the price. From time to time, a village may even kidnap a merchant and force him to purchase their goods at lower than normal prices. Needless to say, the local merchants keep the place a well-guarded trade secret.   Most purchases in Renderby are made with chickens, which serve as a kind of substitute currency, since obviously chickens don’t inherit the sins of the person who raised them. Visiting adventurers may be taken aback when the price of a round of beers in the Drunken Ram Tavern is “a quarter chicken.” People keep records of partial-chicken transactions, and Mayor Lottenbandry has recently had some wooden “half-chicken” tokens made to facilitate partial-chicken transactions. Renderby is a strange place.


2558 humans, 57 elves, 25 halflings.

Inhabitant Demonym

Max Clerical Spell Level

Good -, Neutral -, Evil 4

Notable NPCs

Mayor Barth Lottenbandry (CN male human) ; Gort Ransom, Proprietor of the Drunken Ram (CN male human) ; Craile the Pious, 'Priest' of Absolution Commerce (NE male human)

Purchase Maximum/Month



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