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The Book of Deus

The Book of Deus is the main work of scripture for the Church of Deus. The Church of Deus is a branch of the Church of the Pantheon dedicated to the worship of Deus, the God of Earth.  The Book was given by divine inspiration to Deus's prophets and written down on paper.  Many copies have been printed over the centuries since it was first written, and each settlement, town, city, or kingdom has at least one copy, if only just at the local chapel.  Many families have their own personal copy, along with the Books of the other Gods.


The purpose of the Book of Deus is to reveal the god's will to the people of Torandielle.    It tells them how they should live their lives, and how to properly worship Deus.

Document Structure


The Book of Deus mentions the books of the other gods, such as clarifying things that were touched on in those works, or referencing certain passages.

Publication Status

The Book of Deus is public, for all to read, since the gods' word is for everyone that wants to read it.

Legal status

The Book of Deus is under the jurisdiction of the Church of Deus and the Church of the Pantheon.  Local governments have no legal say over what is put into the Book.

Historical Details


The Book of Deus is a collection of Deus's divine words, given to His prophets to write down and share with the world.  Most people in the world accept the Pantheon as gods, and worship them in different capacities.  So the Book of Deus is generally accepted as divine truth throughout the world.


The history of the Book of Deus begins with the creation of the world.  Deus granted divine inspiration on certain people and they wrote His words in a book.  This allowed Deus's words to be shared with the world.


The legacy of the Book of Deus is the Church of Deus, dedicated to His worship.
Text, Religious

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