Cold-Brew is a frozen caffeinated drink enjoyed throughout west Tor'Saarn, particularly during summer. The drink was invented by Oroni traders to help them better cope with the heat of the northern lands without sacrificing their beloved caffeinated beverages. The drink is often lovingly called Cold-Forged Coffee, as the original brew was kept cold using Ice salts, a vital ingredient in Cold Forging.  


The Cold-Brew's predecessor began it's existence as a warm, highly caffeinated drink consumed in Oron'Hye during the first age that was popular amongst both it's native inhabitants and the travelers who visited the frozen nation. The drink was similar to brews that had been consumed in Hyeros, Seofare and the Tiorath isles, however it was famed for it's considerable improvements such as greater strength and sweetness. The beverage spread throughout the territories under the control of The Tiorath Hierarchy before it's collapse, and continued to be consumed throughout west Tor'Saarn during the second age.   During the early second age the first instances of Cold-Brew as it is now known emerged amongst the Oroni traders, who found the heat in the northern lands difficult to bear. With the increase of trade between Oron'Hye and the northern nations increasing the traders of the south took to carrying water in double walled cold-forged containers with Ice salts placed between the two layers. These containers were extremely effective at keeping liquids cold even in warmer climates, and it wasn't long before the traders begun experimenting with other beverages, such as their beloved caffeine brews.   With some experimentation these drinks would be blended with crushed ice to keep them cold in simpler (and cheaper) cooling vessels, leading to the modern Cold-Brew. The traders soon found that they could make decent money selling these drinks to the inhabitants of northern lands, spreading the love of the drink throughout west Tor'Saarn. Soon traders in the northwest began to make their own versions of this brew, cementing it's popularity in Tor'Saarn well beyond the second age.
Item type
Trade/Manufactured good


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