Tor'Saarn (classic) A world cast in the shadow of the Titan-Minds.


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Welcome to Tor'Saarn (classic)

Welcome to the original version of Tor'Saarn! Here you have access to the old version of Tor'Saarns lore, back when seasons were aligned north to south, and before the first mention of Talirim and Ravenna. This Tor'Saarn was part of a world that despite it's magic and it's gods was in many ways like ours, as opposed to the ring world of the new Tor'Saarn. This world remains as a snap-shot of old Tor'Saarn, and will be kept open for those who are purely interested in the original Tor'Saarn.   This version of Talirim is no longer being worked on, but has been left for archival purposes.   For those looking for the new world, click the link to Talirim: Talirim