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The Trone Empire is one of the most dominant forces in Northern Tor Lindon.
  One of two large powers to hasten - and emerge from - the Qu'astan Abatement, Imperial Trone is the only one to continue to be in a state of war with Qu'astan to this day.   Imperial Trone is to Qu'astan what water is to fire. Opposites in almost every concievable way. Trone is the law to Qu'astan's chaos. If on the field of battle Qu'astan evokes fear by way of its sheer numbers and savagery, Trone evokes the same fear through brutal discipline and strategy. If Qu'astan society is governed by the natural law of the strong consuming the weak, Trone has a minutely tuned Codex of laws governing nearly every aspect of life as a citizen.   If there is any similarity between Trone and Qu'astan, it is that they both have a unitary, undying leader: Trone revers the enigmatic and never seen Emperor, while Qu'astan is cowed by the awesome might of the Grand Pharaoh.


The pinnacle of the Empire is the mysterious Emperor.   The Emperor of Trone has not - if he had ever - been physically seen in centuries. So long in fact, that it has led most observers and academics outside of Trone to doubt his actual existence and to suspect rather that the Emperor was a construct - a myth - to mirror a more disciplined and restrained version of the Grand Pharoah of Qu'astan.   Courting that opinion within Trone itself however, is punishable heresy.   If the Emperor of Trone is not physically manifest, Trone has a trio of power centers designed to make the Emperor's wishes known.  

The Imperial Senate

  The Imperial Senate is often referred to as the 'Voice of the Emperor'.   Arguably the most powerful organization in the Imperium, the Senate is charged with the well-being of the empire. They are charged with the development and ammendment of the Imperial Codex, confirming the disbursement of funds to particular projects, and only the Senate may declare war or a cessation of hostilities. The Senate selects from among its members a 'Volus Senatum' - Will of the Senate - who for 5 years is the arbiter and signing authority for the Senate. The Volus appoints 2 aides, and whenever Imperial documents are signed into law, all 3 signatures or seals must appear on the document.   The Senate is made up of senators from each of the provinces, one senator for each 100,000 Citizens. Senators must have held the rank of officer in the Imperial army, must be a land owner, and must never have broken a law.   Only Citizens of Trone are entitled to vote for Senators to represent them, and census data taken every 5 years allows for an adjustment of the numbers.  

Order of Imperial Templars

  The Order of Imperial Templars are also often referred to as the 'Will of the Emperor'.       Imperial Legion   The Imperial Legion are sometimes referred to as the 'Hand (or Fist) of the Emperor'.


There is a common perception without the borders of the Imperium, that life within is drab. Colorless and without joy. That citizens lead a life of misery and service and then die without recognition.   In truth, nothing could be further than the truth.   If Trone had any singular 'life truth', it would be 'learn to channel your passions'. Humans are creatures of emotion. Of passion. And while the goal of emotional control is commended and highly sought by the military and Templars alike, it is understood that not all can attain this level of mastery and that rather than 'control', one should seek to channel their passions into particular fields. The Imperial education system is keen to identify the strengths of their students in order to foster them into areas where their strengths may best be used. It is not unusual for individual choice to be removed from the equation. A child who loves painting for example, but lacks an artistic sense will be 'encouraged' to develop other skills. This can also be used to address percieved shortages in a particular area.   The result is that the population is on the whole content.   At its heart, Trone society is made up of two castes: citizens of Trone, and non-citizens.

Victoriam et honorem necisque

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
The Imperium, The Trone Empire
The Emperor
Official Languages

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