Top Secret/S.I. Web Wars

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San Cristobal is a glittering island jewel in the Caribbean Sea. A former way station for colonial fleets, refuge for escaped slaves, pirate haven, and even military dictatorship, San Cristobal today is a proud democracy using tourism and good economic management to provide a better life for all its people.   But the rise from poverty is slow, and there are always those looking for quicker, easier ways. Drug smugglers use the island’s swamps as hideouts; loyalists to the exiled dictator work toward his triumphant return; Soviet and American agents try to outmaneuver each other for influence with the government; and voodoo cults perform ancient rites of power and terror.   Orion, naturally, wants a close look. Establishing a new Orion base is a two-part operation. First, set up a believable cover and sneak in the special equipment necessary, and second, find out what the other espionage organizations–especially Web–are up to in the same area.
The Caribbean