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Gnomes are a small and quite uncommon race throughout most of Tomeria with the exception of where they live. Due to their extremely short size and stature they tend to stick close to home where they are free to tinker and explore different mechanical processes to their infinite delight.   Most Gnomes tend to live amongst the Halflings and Dwarves and they typcially cherish quite a healthy relationship. Due to their similar sizes there isn't much discourse for them and the much tougher and more war welcoming halfling and dwarven populations take heart in defending the Gnomes that live there while the Gnomes repay it in building new weapons and technology for them.   The one exception to the usual scenario is the Deep Gnomes which are a large population hidden away in the Ageroth Mountains. This rare subset is almost never seen outside the Ageroth Mountains and is oftentimes considered myth.


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