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Togomori (World of Welcome to Rakuenko)

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Togomori was once a world here man and beast reigned supreme, and the smaller creatures of the world fought to survive. The humans, aided by large dire-beasts and blessed by the gods, grew greedy, eventually hunting and killing not for survival, but for pleasure, fun, and status. Inari-Okami, once a deity that blessed the humans with plentiful crops and prosperity in many forms, grew disillusioned by the way the foxes were treated. The foxes were once her messengers, but now they were being hunted to extinction, the remaining survivors banding together in the corner of the world in a last-ditch effort to survive.   With rage and pity fueling her, she used her power to not only bless the foxes with the power to fight back against their hunters, but to guide the world into an age where man and beast would know their place, and hopefully be humbled into keeping peace.   Now, Togomori is home to many types of creatures, though tensions rise between regions. As for the foxes, their Blessing led them to create a hidden city, a last bastion of defense in case anyone--or anything--would dare bring them to the edge of extinction again.   Every fox learns of Rakuenko. But not all are worthy of the challenge.   Paths converge as a power-hungry fox desires the power of Rakuenko for himself. A half-kitsune uses her connections to try and protect it. And every fox in between finds their fates intertwined, for better or for worse.

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