To Do List Adventures introduces a motivational system for overwhelmed individuals based on interactive fiction and RPG elements.  

Bypass Overwhelm Through Play

Often creatives have to dig for ways to calm anxieties and tempt muses to create. To Do List Adventures (TDLA) is designed to help you sneak right past the normal resistance to getting things done.
You'll create a character AND complete your to do list while you guide that character through adventures, level them up through story missions, and make choices leading to secrets, treasures, or dangerous foes.

How It Works

  The mechanics for the fiction-based system are based on three concepts:
  1. Earning points for checking off To Dos.
  3. Spending points to progress the game.
  5. Applying an entertaining twist on the Law of Conservation of Energy.
    "Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. However, it can be transferred from one form to another."

    As you check off those small 5-30 minute tasks on your To Do List, you expend energy. In the alternate dimension brought to you in To Do List Adventures, this energy is not lost, but transferred to another form: the character you've created. The dimension the character lives in cannot exist nor move forward until you transform your energy into fuel, so the adventure will be ready to continue when you've completed your tasks.

    Over time, you'll transform enough energy to direct choices within the story, making TDLA a journey customized to your decisions, through branching interactive fiction. What you accomplish in the real world determines how far your in-game character will be able to advance on various ranks, skills, and occupations--and what they'll get to experience in their galaxy.
What you do in the real world brings a fictional world to life!       Remember those bazillion things on your to do list that you're actively avoiding?   Focus up...   Lock it in...   and Achieve!   Three quick things will unlock the next part of the story...
...And the next...and the next...  

Welcome to Beta!

  To Do List Adventures continues to grow stories, characters, and planets behind the scenes. Character backstories, missions, and adventures are in the process of being written and coded.   You can play all the free content available by becoming a member of our Discord server and applying for Beta! More missions will be rolled out on a continuous beta schedule, including Founders-only content.   Support is welcome if you want to help fund current and future development! Supporting via Patreon is considered a Founder's membership, and our different tiers include some perks.
Perks vary by supporter tier and include some or all of the following:
  • Access to patron-only material & ebooks of Dani's published books/workshops
  • Beta Access to additional stories not openly available to Discord
  • Founders Only Discord channels
  • Limited edition or unique items for your in-game character (such as the Founders' pet quest!)
  • Ability to impact the paths available for certain future quests
  • Voting priority on mission releases and character arc development


Choose Your Character

  6 to pick from, with separate background stories and 5 different available personality types, leading to a vastly different experience from player to player.
College Student
Palace Noble
Palace Servant
Spaceport Citizen
Street Rat*

Advance Their Skills

  3 starter professions, with progression to higher ranks and future advanced professions!

Visit New Planets

  Many of the To Do List Adventures stories are based in an alternate dimension and told in a sci-fi genre. However, planets the characters can explore are genre-based as well. They'll encounter planets with genres like:
Alternate Earth
Low Tech Mythpunk

*2021 Priority

Currently, the Street Rat and Cyberpunk worlds are releasing for Beta, with Herbalist missions on the way during 2021!

Fun, Focused Achievement

Once Upon a Goal, LLC is Dani's coaching business for overwhelmed creatives. Her To Do List Adventures were born out of a dream to reach more people with the techniques she uses in 1x1 coaching sessions: streamlining projects through gamification. Dani suffers from chronic pain & manages anxiety & depression as well, so she knows daily what it's like to face Overwhelm head on & need an extra boost to K.O. that boss monster!   Outside of this project, Dani streams writing & reaching goals on Twitch, teaches creativity & writing workshops, participates in Game of Tomes, and writes novels, many of which you'll find here on the WorldAnvil platform!


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