The ecumenopolis of Lutetia has long-ceased pretense of being a planet, though it retains the shape and orbit of what it once was. Instead, Lutetia is mechanized from the core outward.  
Only the wealthiest of the wealthy, living in the highest point of the city rings, have ever seen the stars.


There seems to be no end to the depths of the world as one climbs down into the lower levels of its sprawl; likewise the heights and rings of the planet-sized city spiral upward in layer after layer of industrialized urban life.  
Natives to Lutetia have no basis for the concepts of "grass", "lake" or "ocean".


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has long since denied even the most determined tech professionals the possibility of mimicking human variables of choice. Most AI, then, consists of human-programmed machines who work in structured patterns, such as industrial or mining mechanims, cleaning and security mechanims, and even the toy mechanims popular with both adults and children. Each type is designed to react to specific parameters, rather than initiating action itself. AI return home if parameters are discovered which disrupt their patterns.  
AI's limitation was coupled with the disgruntlement of the human workforce--the overwhelming majority population on Lutetia and its mining outposts--making it a less favorable investment. Most companies on Lutetia are slowly getting out of AI construction and moving to more lucrative fields.

Human Enhancements

As AI was largely abandoned, the rise of biological and technological improvements to humans flourished. With outsourcing to a mech who could replace a job, and income, meeting backlash from the human workforce, the next step was simply to make better workers who already came with a complex, multi-faceted brain. Enhancements range from brain implants to embedded tools to bionic limbs or hardened skeletons and beyond. Most humans on Lutetia at this point in time have at least one type, whether legal or not.  
Extreme levels of enhancement exist. Entirely mechanical bodies with the former human's brain wired in are known as the Augs.


Fauna & Flora

  • Where there is no ground, there can be no fields, forests, parks or preserves. Lutetians don't even have gardens. What oxygen and atmosphere might have once been assisted by trees and other plants now is contrived via a complex ventilation system. (Which is every bit as reliable as the water system, and thus has neeever once rendered whole sections of lower city unlivable.)
  • Though insects exist, "animals" are instead "mechanims". They are mechanical creatures only, though some are as much rodent-like pests as Earth rats or fly on wings as Earth birds.
Damn kids! Git yer mechs off my stoop!
— Elderly Lutetian, while releasing security tracers from his cane

Natural Resources

  • Multiple asteroid belts with mobile mining colonies who harvest usable base metals and minerals for Lutetia, and salable exports across the Collective's trade routes.
  • The human minds which live in the many-leveled city. Home of several key contributors to the DreamerLink as commissioned by the Collective, Lutetia's fame is built on its science and technology sectors.
Scope and Scale for Summer Camp Prep 2020. Summer Camp will focus on designing this particular world in the galaxy for my To Do List Adventures.
Starting Character?
Yes, Street Rat
Yes, Scout
Included Organizations
Characters in Location
Related Tradition (Primary)
Inhabiting Species
Related Professions
Players will be able to choose the Street Rat character and play through their interactive fiction backstory set on this city-planet. Players who choose a different starting character can come to Lutetia later via To Do List missions for the Scout profession choice.

Care of the Masses

  • Food is not farmed, but rather curated in laboratories and packaged in factories, like everything else. You'll find caloric variants, fiber, and multiple types of mineral pills on Lutetia.
  • The freshest and purest air and water is available at the outer/upper areas of the city. Water and oxygen are filtered to the city below through multiple, oft-malfunctioning series of pipes.
  • Industrial fumes and smog as one crawls into the belly of Lutetia can reach toxic levels. Most humans living here either replace their respiratory systems or wear complicated masks.

Cover image: by Cheng Feng


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Natives to Lutetia have no basis for the concepts of "grass", "lake" or "ocean".
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