Closure Forms

Closure marks the end of a Law process in Lutetia. Every incident, be it a murder, unexplained death, break-in with or without thievery, falsified identity, phone infringement, misplacement of a mechanical limb or limbs, missing persons, unexplained electrical or mechanical phenomenon resulting in property or biological damage, a simple neighborly complaint, domestic workshop explosion, mechanim abuse, harboring of device-less fugitives, something else in the lengthy record of incident types or one yet to be recorded and categorized, is concluded with a visit from Security's Assurance department personnel. All involved parties who are alive, cognizant, consenting, and capable, must complete a Closure Form.


Closure Forms are required by Corporate Security Oversight in order to stave off future lawsuits or opened cases in relation to appeals of the verdict. Law on Lutetia is final. This step ensures that Security is cleared of responsibility and held blameless of any complaints that may be brought up.   A signed form's blameless clause intentionally does not include the Assurer. It is the assurer who works as a go-between for the individuals interested in the outcome of a case, and as such during their year of tenure at the lowest rank of the Security division will bear responsibility for the Closure result in Security's stead. After the year's conclusion, an assurer who is promoted is absolved, covered by this blameless clause.

Document Structure


Individuals enabling Security's blameless clause to take effect should first note that the Closure Form itself contains interconnected records to the Law cases it pertains to, as well as the sworn Statements of any and all immediately affected parties. An assurer will review this material prior to obtaining a fingerprint and device scan, but only if it is requested.

Publication Status

Without exception, Closure Forms are available through the Security database as public documents and as reference for future cases.

Legal status

After too many lawsuits threatened the stability of the corporation stronghold of the planet itself, this documentation step was added. Security may have many private interest groups lining its collective pockets but regardless, the Closure Form is the final say of the process and all parties are held to its conclusion.

Historical Details


After fingerprint and phone identification are complete, this is a permanent, perpetual contract.
Record, Judicial
Digital Recording, Various
Expiration Date
Permanent Record
Signatories (Organizations)

Mechanical Fingerprints

  When signing a Closure Form is required by an Aug, "fingerprints" are still required. A fingerprint for an Aug or a human with biomechanical limbs is obtained by scanning the barcode of the installed part or body shell.

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