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Nyr'tak, renowned as the "Crystal Archivist," is an enigmatic and timeless entity dwelling within the nexus, an interdimensional realm that transcends the boundaries of worlds. Shrouded in mystery, she is said to have transcended her mortal origins, belonging to a forgotten race erased by the sands of time. Serving as the cosmic oracle of history, Nyr'tak holds the wisdom and knowledge of the universe's past, which she fiercely guards within her Sanctum of Echoes. Rumour has it, if there remain no first-edition copies of a book on your world, they are likely filed away with Nyr'tak.

Personality & Sightings

The Nexus, an elusive realm beyond the reach for even the most advanced species, provides a haven of security for Nyr'tak to carry out her research and home her acquisitions undisturbed, for she is not content with simply acquiring knowledge, but has the wisdom to try to understand it. With her abode, an archive of crystalline memories and ancient tomes, she gathers knowledge from across the universe through her unique creations, midnight-blue Courier Ravens. These ethereal messengers navigate the fragile boundaries between realms, returning with knowledge, books, data storage devices, relics and occasionally people. "While it is clear enough to read of someone’s deeds, there is no substitute, sometimes, for a firsthand account"
Only a select few living beings have been privileged to encounter her in person, and they describe her as "politely blunt, adorned with cutting sarcasm," a manifestation of her immortality and solitude. When asked about the isolation, research and role, their response is always the same: "My books provide all the companionship I require."

Likes and Dislikes

Nyr'tak has had sufficient time to develop some passionate hatreds and fondness’s for materials from the mortal realms. She particularly enjoys, from time to time, engaging in intellectual conversations with those who share her passion for knowledge, usually over a piping hot serving of tea from one of an infinite number of worlds. On the other hand she detests arrogance and harbours particular hatred towards those who deliberately destroy valuable records and artifacts.
Shimmering Blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Knowledge is a gift bestowed upon the curious, but wisdom is earned through the pursuit of understanding."

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