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Tiyu Amara began as a dream (no, seriously) which sparked the idea for a narrative, which then led me to begin building a world for that story to inhabit. Over time, Tiyu Amara has outgrown those humble beginnings and now serves less as the support for a single story than as the basis for a collection of tales, and as a creative outlet. These tales aren't intended for paid publication, and I'm not a writer by trade so they have somewhat taken a backseat.


The world is High Fantasy, taking loose inspiration from the early reign of Queen Victoria of the UK, and the onset of the second Industrial Revolution in the late 19th century. The technology designed involves the heavy use of magic in its construction and operation, and development levels vary depending on where in the world you are.


There are two continents - Abravost, and Thurásin. The former was built to support that initial narrative and is fairly small, with only 5~ countries. Thurásin is quite a lot larger, containing more people groups, languages, and countries. For Summer Camp, I will probably focus on Thurásin, as it is less developed on the whole.


The mood is Noblebright, where a decent world is full of decent people working to make things even better, and the actions of individuals make grand ripples throughout the world.


Themes explored in Tiyu Amara include:
  • Identity
  • Good vs Evil
  • Exploration of the Unknown

Conflicts & Drama

When Emperor Brimeon IV adopts Grelan Tellis to serve as his heir, he stokes the fires of discontent throughout his ailing empire. Numerous factions vie for the imperial throne, and a significant portion of the Empire attempts to secede and form a democratic republic.
Ettioril has tried many different styles of government over the course of its long history, yet none seem to stick. While it is currently a republic, the descendants of the overthrown monarchy are omnipresent, seeking to seize control and restore Ettioril to its former imperial glory.
After the wrecking of the Dyiiladuun Fleet off the coast of Thurásin, many have become enthralled with the idea of a land across the waves. The country of Lawaguum is most invested in finding the search for this land, even as their neighbours doubt the validity of the stories.
After an attempt to sacrifice her to the Divinity of Change goes awry, Koshi Varmand finds herself with iron around her wrists, a god in her head, and blood on her hands. As those around her say she went on a magic fueled chaotic rampage, Koshi must grapple with who she was, is, and will be.

Cover image: Summer Camp by Sean O.


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