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Noshra Lunwo

"If I had to guess, mate, she's not gonna stop setting our shit on fire until we let her girlfriend go."
"Which we aren't going to do."
"Exactly. So unless you plan to sail out there and catch her yourself, you better get a bucket."
— Discussion between two guards at Eránesh Prison
Noshra Lunwo, known occasionally as the Terror of Ki'ontseyil, is a Shyanhol Elf pirate who has been pillaging throughout the eastern sea of Thurásin since 35 Return.


As best anyone can tell, Noshra hails from the Chwishatekyutin clan of the Shyanhol League , a group known mostly as sailors and fishers. It was likely she learnt how to sail during her youth, though it is not known where she acquired her offensive magical prowess or her proficiency with swords. At some time, she became close friends with Chenno Hon'je of the Sulanyeshyutin clan, with the two spending many inter-clan events in each other's company.
  Around 35 Return, the pair are believed to have left the Shyanhol League aboard the trade ship The Fair Water. En route to the continental mainland, the ship was seized in Noshra's name, and its crew left adrift in life boats. After successfully offloading its trade goods in a shady port, the Fair Water began its piratical adventure in earnest, in which time Noshra made a name for herself as a ruthlessly efficient captain.
  In 37 Return, Noshra's crew captured the Ettioriles ship Golden Sun, which she entrusted to Chenno Hon'je. The two split up to cover larger portions of the east sea, but shortly after this, Chenno and her crew were captured and imprisoned in Eránesh Prison.
  Far from quelling the pirates, this capture infuriated Noshra, who has spent the two years since Chenno's arrest attempting to break her and the crew out of Eránesh. Though her efforts have not been successful, neither has she been captured during any attempts, and the Fair Water remains one of the most prized catches for law enforcement in the east sea.


While Noshra herself has not definitively explained her motivation for becoming a pirate, some insight has been gleaned from her partner Chenno. From her scattered testimonies to Ettioriles law enforcement, the most likely motive for the infamous pirate was simple adventure, but this seems to be an incomplete answer. After all, many Shyanhol elves seek adventure in far less dangerous or illegal ways, such as by becoming explorers. Staying confined to the eastern sea hardly lines up with many of their experiences.
  Instead, it seems that this desire for adventure is tempered by a deep love for her home and her clan - many report that the Fair Water docks in Chwisatekyutin waters at least once every four months, and she and Chenno have never once attacked a vessel flying the Shyanhol flag. It is possible that the greedy nature of her piracy was intended to benefit those close to her, rather than only herself. Without her own words to go on, however, this is mere conjecture.
Date of Birth
7 Return
Chenno Hon'je


Though the most common term used for Chenno and Noshra's relationship is that they are married, this is something of an oversimplification. For Shyanhol elves, a partner is not just someone you live with, but a person who fights alongside you and who knows you so intimately that they will notice your pain before you even notice the injury. To be separated from your partner is a grave risk to your wellbeing.
Sword Chainmail War
Sword and Chainmail by stronytwoichmarzen
You guards wish you had half the skill and cunning that Noshra does. If you didn't cower behind these walls, she'd wipe the floor with you.
— Chenno Hon'je

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