Lake Strelish

The dragon puts all the fish in this here lake, and I use 'em to feed the whole of Thurásin.
— Fisherman
Lake Strelish is a lake in the center of Thurásin, and the largest lake on the continent. It's the home of the Diinöl Zdächörri, a major Dragon who is worshipped by the people who live on the lakeside.


The large freshwater lake sits in a valley at the foot of the tall eastern mountains. Much of the lakeside is made up of fertile floodplains, upon which residents depend for most of their food. While the north and eastern shores are rocky and hilly, the south and western shores are flatter and more forested.
The lake itself is quite deep, though no-one knows just far down it goes. At the bottom of the lake is believed to be a large cave, which is the home of the Diinöl Zdächörri. The lake is fed by two minor rivers on its eastern side.

Flora and Fauna

The biodiversity of the lake is quite high. The lake itself is home to many varieties of fish, ranging from placid and docile to carnivorous, such as pirahnas. There are also many species of crustaceans, including the rare Strelish crab, which is considered a delicacy. Around the lake live many domesticated mammals, such as pigs and goats, brought there from the south. Otters and turtles can also be found at the lakeside, while deer can be found further inland. Aside from the patron dragon of the lake, a sizeable population of minor dragons live in the mountains to the east.
Common crops cultivated in the floodplains include wheat, rice, barley, and corn. Wild berries can be found among the trees of the many forests around the lake, though they are frequently eaten by the many birds and wildlife long before humans or elves can harvest them. On the shores of the lake and on its surface can be found many liypads and other crawling species, which often clog docks and ports.
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The Divine Lake
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Divine Water Dragon

The Diinöl Zdächörri lives in a cave in the deepest part of Lake Strelish, subsisting primarily on a diet of crustaceans and bottom-feeding fish. She come to the surface of the lake once every ten years for air, bringing with her the flood season, which many lakeside towns and cities spend years preparing for.
Once the worst of the waves have subsided, the people of the lake will sail out to greet her with offerings of food and treasure. These will be cast haphazardly into the water, to greet her once she returns to her lair.
Valley by Timo Wagner


Lake Strelish was formed by the Diinöl Zdächörri, a Major dragon who was tasked by The Divinities with creating that part of the world. When humans were made, many of them chose to live along the shores of the lake and of its outflows. This region was one of the few not conquered by the Urisoril Empire during the Era of Conquest, though it was not without strife. Though the lake floods semi-regularly, it experienced catastrophic flooding during the Era of Flood, followed not long after by the equally devastating Era of Drought.
As a lifeline for central Thurásin, the region has seen many countries rise and fall as they try to take control of the lake. At present there are 6 countries which call the lakeshore home - Pris Xüfonz, Ibza Xüfonz, Dätsalöl, Kse Feorton, Varrzaxadh, and Na-ochiixid. The two Xüfonz countries were formerly one, but split a bit over 200 years ago and are still bitter enemies. Kse Feorton recently became independent from Dätsalöl after a long campaign for recognition by the local elven population.
Lake Strelish

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