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Koshi Varmand

Koshi Lori Varmand

If there was a way to let her out, I'd give it to her. But she's just too dangerous, and too many people want her head for the pain she caused. It all feels rather unfair to me.
Koshi Varmand is a Telziado huntress, born and raised in the city of Sinofis. Since mid-414 AC, she has been held in custody for her role in the devastating The Koshi Incident, wherein she formed a Divine Contract and rampaged through the city's outskirts.


Koshi was born in 395 AC, as the third of four children in the well-respected Varmand farming family. Much of her childhood and adolescence was uneventful, barring the many fights she got into while at school with some of the local farm boys. She was eventually pulled from schooling in 410, primarily so she could work on the farm in the wake of a spate of family illnesses, but also so she would stop getting into brawls.   In 412, Koshi and her older brother were subject to a poaching investigation, as the two had been doing a great deal of game hunting in the forest south of their property. A great deal of attention was paid to the Varmand's dwindling finances, which would have motivated the pair to seek more "dangerous" game. However, no firm evidence could be found for either, and the charges were dropped in early 413, though damage to the family's reputation had already been done.   Her life changed irrevocably in mid-414, when she vanished one afternoon while hunting. The city guard was called upon to investigate, but a sweep of the forest found no sign of her. The next day, while her family did a second more thorough sweep, she appeared in a deep crater and began a magic-fueled rampage through the outskirts, causing the deaths of approximately 20 people before she was neutralised.   Since this incident she has been held at Sinofis Prison, where it was determined that she had formed a pact with a Divinity. However it was not clear which one, as her god has only communicated in Elven, a language Koshi herself does not speak. Nor is it clear how she formed this pact in the first place, as she has no memory of the preceding events.

Social Ties

Koshi is the third of four siblings, having an older brother, older sister, and younger brother. Through her father's line, she is related to the current Telziado Royal Family, with Crown Larusion being her third cousin.   After the Koshi Incident, she only has her younger brother and two paternal grandparents, with the remaining immediate family being killed or going missing at various points throughout her rampage. Though she is aware of this fact, she does not remember her involvement at all.

Special Abilities

Due to her pact with a Divinity, Koshi is noticeably stronger and more durable than the average human or elf. Though she has a great deal of magical power due to her god, her Uhoma prevents her from accessing it unless she is directly "possessed" by her god. In that state, she is nigh-unstoppable but easily exhausted, and can be neutralised using a "banishment spell".

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Female (she/her)
Date of Birth
395 AC
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Vostan (native)

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