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Eránesh Prison (e.ɾɑ.neʃ)

Last time someone broke outta Eránesh, it was on account of a damned dragon rider collapsing an entire tower. Needless to say, we've got better dragon defences now, and the next time someone tried that... I'd say we rivaled the dragon slayers of old that day.
— Eránesh Prison Guard
Eránesh Prison is an infamous prison in Ettioril , located on an island off the coast of the mainland. Built during a period of relative peace in the then-Empire, Eránesh is known for the rarity of successful prison breaks, with the number countable on one hand.


The Era of Discovery was a generally prosperous one for the Ettioril Empire, despite their ongoing trade disputes with the Shyanhol League . The latter's presence in the eastern sea was cause for concern for the empire, who believed it would lead to a spike in piracy and other such crimes. To this end, they invested heavily in their naval strength, and commissioned a new prison to act as the final holding place of the most dangerous of ruffians.   Their estimations of the crime level were somewhat overeager, however, and the prison spent many of its early decades holding only a small handful of criminals. It held prisoners of war during the brief Ettioril-Shyanhol War from 18-19 Growth, though these never numbered more than a dozen and were all released after Ettioril's shameful surrender.   Its most active times came during the War for Ngáxom's independence later that era, and the civil war during the Era of Disturbance, when it was used by both imperial and republican forces to hold prisoners from the other side. Many imperial sympathisers remained at Eránesh for decades, with the last only dying in 7 Return.   Currently, it continues to serve as a home for the most dangerous of criminals, though this number remains small. After a rare successful breakout in 26 Return, security has been beefed up considerably, and the many subsequent attempts at breaking out or into the prison have failed.
Founding Date
59 Discovery 237 Years Ago
Owning Organization

Pirate Captives

One of the most notable current prisoners is Chenno Hon'je, though not so much for her own actions. A relatively minor pirate in her own right, she was captured in 37 Return during an attack on an Ettioriles vessel, and brought to Eránesh mostly out of convenience.   Her notoriety, however, comes from her close partner, Noshra Lunwo. Though not present for the fateful attack, Noshra has spent the last two years wreaking utter havoc in the eastern sea in an attempt to rescue Chenno. After her latest attempt, the rocky shores of Eránesh were ablaze for three days, and she shows no sign of stopping her rampage any time soon.
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