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The Winged Eyes

"Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life. What would a mortal not pay for living?"
  • The Ending Cry at each of the rallys.
  • The Winged Eyes are one of the few factions who are openly motivated to the betterment of everyone else and the goal of throwing away all the other factions who wish to oppress and hold down others. They hold ideals that try to push others to become better and to evolve into beings that can become a beacon of hope for others around them. The Winged Eyes are the main faction inside the Lesser Wards and the Docks, they are the in-between faction that seeks to pull people out of the worst of society and to clear the lies spread by the Titans and the lackeys.   It is said that the Winged Eyes are cells of groups who transport goods, items and people all over. They smuggle people out of danger and also give the most needed supplies to everyone in need. It is said that the Lesser Wards have never had it better now that The Winged Eyes have taken over. While most Lesser Wards have gangs and other lesser factions holding them hostage, ones that have The Winged Eyes have become prosperous, better organized and are actually experiencing growth and unity. Life is improving in these districts and only seems to be growing everyday.   The factions agents are easy to spot, the Assamair's who lead the groups are normally winged with beautiful gryphon like wings that give a sense of calm emotion and safety. While these wings are not beautiful many people who support the movement of the Winged Eyes holds one of these feathers on them or even on clothing they wear. Though with the factions growth and the spread, its becoming a problem as the Titans are becoming weary against them as rebelling is never a good thing.    


    • Freedom for the souls, we will not be oppressed by tyrants or dictators.
    • Access to the basics for everyone who wants them at affordable prices.
    • Slavery is horrid no matter the form, banish it and lock up those who propagate it.
    • Knowledge is power, spreading knowledge is freedom of the mind.

    Inter-Factional Relationships

      The Winged Eyes is not believed to be a regular faction, though it has power the other five do not have relationships in a traditional sense with this faction, for now.
    • The Unaligned Council: The Winged Eyes and the Unaligned Council are opposed against each other. While they work against each other the Winged Eyes are not fools, they know that The Unaligned Council's leader is a smart woman, very smart to the point that having this person switch sides could become the greatest boon to them. Mortals fighting Mortals is not a good thing and The Unaligned Council's Overlord has been the most effective ally so far by stripping away power from the other factions. (Uneasy)
    • Faction of Earth: The Winged Eyes hate the Earth faction, treating people like playthings and twisting family to a way that is beyond contempt. It is a horrid system that requires change and The Winged Eyes plan to throw Earth out and reunite actual families and hopes. (Hostile)
    • Faction of Fire: The Winged Eyes hate the Fire Faction, treating people like playthings and tossing them away is beyond contempt. The entire system of funnelling people like coal into the fire factions furnace will be pulled down. (Hostile)
    • Faction of Air: The Winged Eyes feels sorry for the Elemental Lord Of Air. He lives his life paranoid but have also seen how he acts with Earth, clearly at his worst he has to be pulled down, but at his best could be a great ally and supporter of everything good. It's a shame but he must be torn down for now. (Hostile)
    • Faction of Water: The Winged Eyes have set gaze onto the Water Faction at first. With the Intel they have gotten first they are planning to go against this faction and take a target that could change the entire world around them. They will do this and hope that even with great loss they could make a change. Though the faction as a whole is against them and they hope that this step will lead the current water faction to evaporate. (Hostile)

    Important Locations

      Louise's Cheeses Food Cart: This small cart moves between several locations in the main square of Lyssna Lyda, the smells of wafting grilled cheese sandwiches along with other cooked items placed between two slices of bread seem to attract many people as this ogre sells many different types of foods. No one knows how this large ogre keeps getting a carts licence in this area while everyone else is denied, some say that maybe Louise is secretly a master at bureaucratic tongue or maybe in deep with one of the factions. One thing is for sure, the sandwiches are great and the ogre spills nothing on any secrets she holds.   Winged Eyes Headquarters: The Winged Eyes are located here in the Skottr Docks, using a salvage yard along with two large hanging structures to keep everything they own away from the ground floor. They use the salvage to repair older Skottr Bikes which are able to travel between different districts. Modified with larger bodies and massive holding bays on the side as they are a smugglers dream as no one is needed to go through the labyrinth of tunnels if you can arrive from the outside. While these structures are impressive to behold, it is clear that strength is with them as each member holds salvaged weapons and tools.  

    Key Players

      The Swallowtail Triplets - linchpins of the supply chain to Lagas, one of the poorest areas in the city.   Louise - maker of amazing cheeses and front for message-passing.   Dockmaster Inga - helps illegal shipments get through Skottr Docks  

    Available Resources

      Network - The Winged Eyes have many smuggling routes, operations and resources. If they were to collect it all they could fill a quarter of the entire docks with resources, though at this point with the spreading out and separation none of the resources can be captured at once.   Agents - The Winged Eyes have strong people, not armies but heroes who go about the world showing people how to fight. The local populations getting whipped up into a frenzy to help the cause. Though they wish for things to remain peaceful they know that wont be possible against the Titans.   Knowledge - Having people and ties all over, the faction deals with information. They mostly sell this information to fund operations but if within their own interests they will part or let slip bits to help the cause.
    Illicit, Rebel

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