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Titan Spire

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We live in the deepest part of the Astral Ocean, adrift the largest and only city we know about. It's held together by hopes and dreams, while the four ruling Elemental Titans fight amongst each other, wasting time and resources on petty politics and drama.   The city is a large crystalline tower floating vertically through the Astral Sea, with four spires appearing to grow horizontally from its core.   The Central Spire is home to the main hubs of government, culture, and enterprise. The tips of the Central Spire are the two primary docks, the only entrances into the main city, both heavily regulated.   The Four Elemental Spires hold the powers of each of the titans, along with their courts of agents and playthings.   Clinging to these structures is the Outerspire, clusters of space junk and abandoned spaces bound by gravity and innovation, where hard working, lower class, and exiled folks are just trying to survive. Many of these locations are under different factions’ control, a mimicry of the violent politics above.   It's hell, but it's home.   Welcome to Titan Spire.