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Titan is the world that everyone inhabits. The planet is mostly comprised of oceans, with landmasses ranging from continents, to small islands. The planet hosts a variety of lifeforms. Each of the regions have their own beliefs and gods. These deities walk among the mortal realm, often times ruling their region. Although other gods exist, a majority will pray for the region's pantheon, and their respective gods.  

History of Titan

The Titan Dark Age - <800

The Titan Dark Ages is a time period that took place before year 800. It was a time period where nothing was written down. The archaeological evidence shows a widespread collapse of civilization, as the great palaces and cities were destroyed or abandoned. Moreover, older cities such as the ruins in Airuit fell into major disarray. The cause still remains a mystery, with multiple legends and myths attempting to explain what happened.   Following the collapse, fewer, smaller settlements suggest extensive famine and depopulation.  

Early Archaic Titan: 800 - 1100

As the dust settled, settlement began to form around the near empty lands of Titan. Nature and magical beings took over empty ruins and forests, and mortals began to develop their earliest forms of civilisation.

The Hundred Kingdoms: 1100 - 2600

Over the centuries, hundreds of petty kingdoms form across Titan, eventually aggregating into several larger powerful realms, and ultimately, twelve large kingdoms. During this period, various kingdoms began to push back against  

The Classical Era: 2600 - 5000

The classical era was truly an era of prosperity. As the 12 kingdoms settled down, progress began to truly show.

Climate & Geography

The climate varies for much of the continent, southern parts of the world may experience desertification and jungles, the northern side of the world is considerably colder than the more warm temperate climate in the middle.    


Vast empires exist within Titan. A majority of the regions are run by monarchs, one sole ruler of the country.  

Culture and Relgion

While multiple pantheons do exist, most people are polytheistic, honouring deities of their own, and acknowledging the existence of other gods. Very rarely do gods appear physically within the mortal plane. Lesser deities do tend have physical manifestations, but greater deities tend to not.    

Political Regions

Grogmar Peninsula
Ironhorn region
Kingdom of Themis
Land Of Vradia
Realm of Shadow
The Badlands







Estimated Population

Approximately 1 million  

Population Breakdown


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