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Seranos (Se-Ra-Nos)

World description

Tisera is the world that everyone inhabits. The planet is mostly comprised of oceans, with landmasses ranging from continents, to small islands. The planet hosts a variety of lifeforms. Each of the regions have their own beliefs and gods. Some of Tiseras deities decided to walk in the mortal realm and rule their religion or beliefs from within. Although other gods exist, a majority will pray for the region's pantheon, and their respective gods.  

History of Seranos

The early ages of Seranos: <900

The early ages of Seranos is but an unknown story, as a minimal amount of information has ever been found of this era, many archoelogists of Seranos have agreed upon that, this era was most likely but an evolutionary stepping stone of Seranos, and found evidence, that Seranos was once one big continent instead of smaller continents.   Many people still wonder what was of this age, some theorise old empires, and some theorise creatures of old that no longer exist, but none truly knows what happened in this era, the only ones who would know, would be the gods of old.  

Early Archaic Era: 900 - 1200

The information of this era is not as limited as the early ages of seranos, as many tribes rose to power, some even call this era the "Tribal era". The tribes of this era is long gone and some even forgotten, but the texts of this era mentions many ancient tribes, unfortunately this era seemed to be a time of war between the tribes, so much information was lost to time, as some texts mention several tribes and even other texts, but the texts and tribes mentioned has never been found.   Many Historians believe this time to be era where gods first actively interacted with the mortal realm, due to the simple reason of, this is the first era and time where "Champions of the gods" are ever mentioned, and where gods seemed to interact more with the mortal realm as mentioned in texts of this era, though historians also noted that the gods champions also seemed to be of a larger abundance then of the new age, the reason for the higher numbers in champions is unknown, but only known to the gods themselves.  

The fractured Era: 1200 - 2700

The fractured era is a story many if not all historians know well, it is a time of chaos and death, and nothing but destruction, as this is the era the whole continent of Seranos split into smaller continents. It is very well documented by the tribes and the smaller kingdoms at the time, due to the chaos that it caused in the lands, and how the Seranos continent was split, of course many historians believe a lot of information was burned or lost in this era, but there was such an abundance of texts of this era that it barely mattered.   This time and era is also known as the "War of the gods and mortals" as many wars was waged between the kingdoms and tribes , but also between the gods, some cases have been documented where gods was seen fighting in the mortal realm, one such case of this was Xalaris "the god of war" and Hamalith "the god of death" fighting against Mammond "the god of greed" and "god of envy", in a ferocious fight which seemingly caused earthquakes all across the lands, and even seeing the gods bloodied and injured.   Kingdoms and tribes may have favoured a god at this time and joined them in battle, some texts say. Texts mention men from each their respective kingdom or tribe would join their worshipped god in battle, and battle whoever they were against to show their devotion to this god.  

The rejuvination Era: 2700 - 4900

The era of Rejuvination, was an end to the destruction, chaos and death caused by the thousands years war, the era where the war between gods had ended, and the mortal realm could rest and rebuild their cultures, kingdoms and tribes.   Seranos at the start of this era would be nothing but a wasteland of death, mountains broken, lands on fire, volcanoes spewing, but surprisingly life still flourished, as some parts were less destroyed then others. As Malara "the goddes of nature" saw this, she quickly moved to restore the lands and used her powers and strength to regrow tree's and grass and bring back the wildlife, and rejuvinated the lands to what they once were, her sister the "goddes of the sea" decided to help under this time, as many people and townfolk could see the two gods move around the mortal realm healing the broken earth, Which is one of the main factors for why this era is called what it is.   For many years within this era, no "champions of the gods" were ever seen, but around 3200, mentions of the champions were showing up in texts, and soon confirmed by the masses of Seranos in later texts. The historians noticed a very important bit of information, there was only a singular champion per god, which was interesting to historians and even some priests, but some puzzled together that this may have been an effect of fractured eras chaos.  

The new age of Seranos: 4900 - 122

The new age of Seranos is an age of Inventions and Innovations. The era of mass technological advancements and magical advancements, as the era of rejuvination ended and the focus on rebuilding life as it once were ended, the focus on progress had started.   Not only did technology advance, the ways in which kingdoms ruled and what was wrong and right was rewritten and changed, no longer was slavery accepted in the majority of the lands of Seranos as an example of the changes, though torture and other such heinous acts is still of large abundance, but still used less then it was in other eras and times.   Though as prosperious as this time is, chaos and destruction still loves to place it's roots, as places in Seranos has been destroyed by various means, not only by the means of kingdoms and wars, but by otherwordly means or magic itself, one such example is Fireraze Isle.  

Climate & Geography

The geography of Seranos ranges from mountainous lands to deserts, depending where you find yourself you might find yourself in a snowstorm or heavy rain of the oceans, the climate vary vastly depenging on where you find yourself.   One noteable feature of Seranos, is that the climate has shifted or flipped as some would call it, compared to it's sister continent Titan. The reason for this is yet to be fully understood, but for what is understood, is that the reason for this shift in climate might be connected to the veins of Tisera also known as the magic leylines.  

Governance and politics

The lands of Seranos is ruled by kings and queens, lords, nobles, and some by tribes. Many politics are handled on friendly terms, but with hesitation and tensity, as any wrong decision, could lead to war.  


The economies of the lands of Seranos deal in Gold, Silver and Copper as their universal coin, but they also have their own respective coins and mints which each has their own value and look within their respected nations.  

Culture and religion



Magic in the world of Tisera is formed around the leylines of magic. The leylines of magic runs through the world, it is also described as Tiseras veins of life. The leylines is the gateway to magic and any magical being/creature for without it there is no magic, some races even needs to leylines to survive, elves of Seranos for example, have an infinite lifespan and cannot age, but as soon as their connection to the leylines fade, their life begins to fade, as their body ages in almost an instant, some elves of seranos die from this process as they will have lived for hundreds of years.   There are some spots in the world of Tisera, where the pools of magic are stronger then other areas, and the side effect of such concentrated essence is that portals or "gateways" to different parts of the world starts to form, from Seranos to Titan, to Toschkan kingdom to (Link titan nation), there is also a chance for any magic cast will be intensified by the concentrated magic pools. There is also the opposite effect in certain areas of Tisera, where the connection to the leylines and the god of magic "The weave" is so loose, that wild magic may occur when casting a spell and some spots where there is no magic at all also called "Blackspots of magic".

Parent location:



The 12 sibling gods.


Seralian Kingdom
Toschkan Kingdom


The Grogash Horde

Noteable Factions/groups:

The Mercenaries Guild

Notable locations:

Fireraze Isle
Travelling forest



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