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Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Xe has four arms, which extends xyr torso and spine an extra bit. It also makes xem a bit taller than xe was beforehand. Xe also has a number of tattoos on the shaved part of xyr skull and onto xyr face, around the temples and cheekbones. There are even more tattoos on xyr top arms, and fewer on xyr lower arms. Xe has to draw all xyr own tattoos on Tírsí to get xyr lower arms to match the upper ones, and it takes time to get them just right. Xe has a rather gauche dangly jewelled earring in xyr right ear, a gift from Imir after their first voyage.

Physical quirks

Xyr arms and eyes make xem a standout. All four arms are equally dextrous and well-muscled, but sometimes (especially in the early days) xe would sort of tangle xyr arms trying to figure out which one was supposed to move at the right time.

Special abilities

Xe can summon and vanish, like the rest of the crew, xyr primary instrument - percussion. This often manifests as xem pulling various percussive instruments out of xyr boots or skirts or tunic sleeves.

Apparel & Accessories

Xe wears a loose, modified viking-esque short-sleeve tunic to fit xyr numerous arms, black with blue trim, and a skirt of black furs and blue cloth. Xyr trousers are dark blue and xyr boots are thick waterproof black leather. Xe sewed some small blue shells into a set of blue cloth bracelets for xyr lower wrists, and xe has some plain cloth hand wraps from xyr upper hands.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Wainwright grew up on a variant Earth, in a place full of ice and ocean and aggressive men. Xe was tall and broad and would have been the pride and joy of xyr village had xe been interested in any of it. Instead, xe liked to create, not destroy, and this was of course heavily discouraged. Often violently so. Xe learned to sail as a compromise, where xe could assist in shipbuilding in exchange for learning to fight. Xe became an incredible navigator, yet another ploy to keep off the battlefield.   Xyr habit of falling silent was just another thing to be ridiculed for. As a child, xe was praised for sitting and listening quietly. As a teenager, xe was mocked for not talking or yelling with the others. As an adult, people would simply walk away when xe chose to just stop talking, usually when distressed. After all, it must have been a choice - what else could it be?   But it could not last. The disdain, the snide looks and remarks, the feet stuck out to trip xem, it was all too much. One night in the dead of winter, Wainwright stole a skiff and a week's rations and simply sailed away. Soon a storm was born and sent sheets of sleet and towering waves at xem; it was all xe could do to keep the boat from falling apart. At one point, a wave slammed into xyr boat and xe was flung from the deck. Panic gripped xem - losing the boat would be a death sentence, whether from drowning, cold, or exhaustion. Xe floundered and flailed and desperately swam, by the grace of the gods grabbing hold of a loose rope and hauling xemself back aboard.   By morning, the storm had passed, and Wainwright was exhausted and passed out on the deck. Xe stirred around noon and felt a strange warmth on xyr body. It felt like the summer sun, but it was still midwinter. Xe managed to pick xyr head up and saw that the skiff had ground ashore on a tan beach that gave way relatively quickly to grass tussocks growing stubbornly out of grey rock tumbles. Around xem was a small crowd of incredibly strange looking individuals; their clothes were weird, and their skin and hair and eyes were a veritable rainbow of hues. Strangest of all, one of them extended a hand to help xem stand.   Wainwright pushed xemself up to find it far easier than they would have thought, and xe felt... a lot more of the deck than xe thought, which was a strange observation. Xe looked down and saw an extra pair of arms sticking out of xyr torn, salt-encrusted furs. Xe yelped and jolted to xyr feet, trying to stare at the new arms from every angle and not fall over. Someone in the small crowd giggled and was promptly smacked by another.   Wainwright soon learned that the new arms were not the only changed thing about xem; xyr eyes had turned black where they had once been white, and xyr pupils were now slitted like a cat's - xe could also see in the dark now, in a way xe never had before. Xyr ears had also grown large and pointed, though that bothered xem much less than having to learn to coordinate two entirely new limbs.   In this new place Wainwright found xemself in, xe was... surprisingly free. No one much turned their heads at xem, if only to learn xyr name, which xe promptly abandoned for something new, something not from the culture that had so rudely spat xem out. Xe tried xyr hand at a number of things, experimenting - first wheel turning (it was from this first occupation that xe took xyr name), then ship building, then forging, then rope spinning, then weaving, then dancing, then cobbling, then finally, finally, music. Every new skill was a test to see how the people around xem reacted to it. The more "feminine" the activity, the more xyr hackles were raised in defence. Yet no one said anything. if anything, they were happy to have another (two, rather) set of hands to help out. Finally, though, xe felt ready to try for music.   Xe had always wanted to be a skáld, something xyr parents had forbidden from the beginning. Xe was so big, so strong - and xe wanted to waste all that on being a skáld? Being a skáld was no shameful thing, far from it. But maybe simply because it was that xe wanted it that it was withheld from xem. Finally, though, xe was free to explore. Xe grabbed every percussive instrument in sight and learned it inside and out. Rowing on a longship for most of xyr life had given xem an unerring sense of rhythm and tempo. It was like a gate was opened inside of xem and everything xe had never been allowed to feel was flooding out all at once.   So when xe heard through the shipyard grapevine that some weird fiddler was taking hands on a new ship - the one that xe had just spent the last year building - xe decided then and there to throw xemself into the opportunity. Xe auditioned, xe waited, and then xe was aboard aboard, with seven others in the exact same position as xem.   Wainwright had never been happier.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Voice range: Bass 2, Baritone   Instrument: Percussion


Social Aptitude

Xe is rather apt, but fearful of making a misstep if left in a situation alone and away from the rest of the crew. With the crew, xe is louder, more confident, and even a bit raunchy.


Xe has a loud, thunderous voice that xe rarely uses, and a much softer, gentle voice that xe much prefers. Xe is not a fan of frightening others; the loud voice is for bellowing over the sound of a storm, not for talking in a pub. Xyr voice has a subtle Old Norse accent that is more noticeable the louder/drunker xe gets.
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Alternate Viking Earth
Gender Identity
No thank you :)
Black sclera, blue iris, black cat's pupil
Blond, shaved sides, bun
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
195cm (6' 5")

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