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The Sunken House

What was once a manor for a now forgotten baron, this partially buried house is now used by the followers of M. The followers are housed in many of the manor's guest houses, as they dare not tread within the holy sunken house. Only the leader may do so, and only during the ceremony.   The manor was first discovered by wanderers, and it's nature was discovered by one particularly unlucky explorer. He ventured into the sunken house, and almost immediately a professionally cooked sack of meats the size of two men was thrown out to this explorer's companions. That was the end of him, and the start of the followers of M.   The ceremony is decided by chance, a lottery, even the head of the cult is not safe from entering the Sunken house.

Purpose / Function

Now a sacrificial chamber, the original purpose was simply the manor of a well off baron.


All windows have been broken by the meat sack, and the glass cleared away by the followers, to avoid any painful accidents.


The manor is a fairly unique one, using swooping architecture common to lands West of here. Wood and stone, it was obviously crafted by a skilled craftsman, who took great pride in his work.


Originally built for a rich baron and possibly his family, given all the guest houses, it was sunken at some point when the frequent quakes started. Found by a group of wanderers, it's strange nature was discovered when one poor explorer wandered in, and in return the rest of his party was given a feast fit for a royal.   Now used as a ceremonial site by the followers of M, who attract new settlers with a sampling of the meat, it is avoided by those who are not desperate enough to join a group of ritualistic cultists. There will come a time when the followers run out of sacrifices, but only when the world runs out of starving wanderers willing to take a chance.
Alternative Names
Butcher's Manor
House, Large

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