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Quake Houses

The quake storms broke up lots of rock, and it being the most plentiful resource, many took to using raw rock as building material. With wood slowly disappearing as fires sprout up burning it all, rock is slowly replacing wood's use. People are still refining their craft, of cutting it, sanding it. Important care is being taken in making them able to be easily exited, as being trapped within a stone house during a quake storm sounds like an easy way to break all of one's bones.   While some houses from before the first quake still stand, the stone houses represent something important; That of continuous living. The world is ending, everything is on fire, but many are still dedicating their lives to creating permanent housing.

Purpose / Function

Able to be easily exited, these houses are being built to adapt to their environment, one of frequent quakes.


Stone is nearly exclusively used to create these buildings, as that is quickly becoming the only available resource for building. The exact style of architecture varies, the ingenuity and the creativity varies from people to people. Created exclusively out of necessity, early housing was an eye sore, and not exactly safe. Only recently are there "artisans", discovering the best ways to create safe and appealing housing.


A wanderer group was quite confused when they came upon what looked to be ugly domes made of stone in the middle of a field. Even more confusing was the fact that the domes were inhabited by normal people, and not the lairs of some strange beasts from beneath. The wanderer's were greeted with a sort of happy glee, likely because they were carrying extra food for trade. In return, the dome dwellers instructed the wanderers with the best practices for creating similar domes. Of a certain type of rock that was good to use, of the best shape, and so on.
Alternative Names
Peasant Castles

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