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Horver's Skin

The Horver is a great beast of tremendous power, wandering the wasteland in search for whatever organic food it can find. It is in return hunted by those brave and skilled enough to take it down, as its skin is perfect for protection against the elements. To kill a Horver, great care must be taken. It is easy to spot, due to its immense size, but it can bolt with frightening speed. Hunters must herd it into one of the many great pits, where it can then be slowly starved until it stops thrashing. Other methods include setting great traps, or chasing it over a tall cliff. Many believed it to be a horrendous torture to a poor creature, originally, until the first one was brought down. You see, it was then discovered that the actual Horver was a tiny grub like creature seemingly made of wood, deep within the actual body, controlling a large organic "suit". Any and all who hunt Horvers must be prepared to care for the grub, as it is seemingly indestructible, and able to go wherever it wants. Many grubs form attachments to the first person it sees. Some people have noticed the grubs appear to grow in size over time, likely regenerating the organic suit it originally had.


Material Characteristics

Skin is soft and leathery, but incredibly durable. The color is a reddish brown, but it varies depending on sun exposure.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The skin is warm in the cold and cold in the heat, making it an extremely valuable commodity in the wasteland.

Geology & Geography

All throughout the wasteland, driven up from beneath due to the tremendous quake storms.

Origin & Source

The Horver, the skin is harvested from the Horver, or rather the "suit" of the horver.

Life & Expiration

It does not appear to deteriorate, it is incredibly durable.
Like dirt.
Not edible, vomit inducing from the slightest lick.

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