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Carbon Slug

Emerging after the last quake storm, these large beasts of burden are used to travel the wasteland in relative safety, by climbing inside their mouths. What a shock it was for the poor soul who discovered this, a slug must've mistaken them for a rock (their apparent diet), and eaten them whole. Instead of finding themselves being slowly digested, they found themselves a passenger. Surprisingly, the inside of the slug was not pitch black, but rather an internal glow illuminated the inside cavity of the slug.   To exit, one simply crawls out of the slug's mouth, no harm done whatsoever. There have been no instances of the slug digesting people, strangely, it seems to selectively digest certain parts of rocks.   To guide these great slugs, great wooden contraptions have been constructed, attaching to the back of a slug, with sticks pushing a rock within their sight but always out of reach. They move forward, and the rock does the same.   Many of the giant unknowable beasts that wander throughout the wasteland appear to ignore the Carbon Slugs, offering safety to its passengers. There have however been stories of beasts following carbon slugs, waiting for its passengers to exit, or following it to a populated settlement. This is a rare occurrence, but may become more common as more and more slugs are used as living carriages.

Basic Information


Long and wide, the size of a small house, their external hide appears to be nearly rock solid, but divided into segments to allow turning movement.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The carbon slugs eats loose rock, digesting only parts of it.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Tiny little eyes set deep.
Conservation Status
The exact number of Carbon Slugs is unknown, as they are a rather recent addition to the wasteland. There seem to always be new ones appearing from the ground.

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