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In the beginning was the blue. And the blue was divided above as below. The blue above was Azura, the everlasting sky. The blue below was Amaya, the indomitable sea. Sea and Sky made war until the sea was cast down, and from her belly Azura brought forth the dry land, Don the World-Turtle. All the gods, humans, elves, fairies, dragons, and monsters danced and sang upon the shell of Don, and all was good. Azura slept.   Then one day Bori, king of the elves, consulted his Seven Shining Generals in Tsa-Valarion and decided all the world should be under elfkind. They conquered the humans and the fairies and the dragons. They invaded four of the five lands of Don: Tiranon of Autumn, Veranon of Spring, Kuranon of Winter, and Oranon of Summer. Only Mount Nhor, realm of the gods, was untouched.   But Nathrach, god of winter, was in Kuranon when it was attacked. Growing wrathful, he struck out against the elves and scattered them, slaying Bori and his seven generals. Some of the elves despaired and fled into Kuranon and became wicked gray-elves. The others rallied around Fyori, son of Bori, and took the Wild Hunt against the monsters of Kuranon. This was the War of the Snake. The war continued until the shell of Don cracked, and all the lands separated and mixed together. Azura woke and ended the war, bringing order once more. This was the end of the First Age.   Dragons ruled the world during the Second Age, overseeing the scattered lands of Don, their power concentrated on Tiranon. Then Ayesha, Daughter of the Moon, was born, heralding the Third Age. Ayesha and her Anunaki warriors and Order mages drove the dragons from Tiranon. She conquered the lands south of the curtain wall, from Aqbatana in the west to Zargon and Hothir in the east. Under her banner, the empire of Edinniae grew and prospered.   But not all were pleased under imperial rule. A gathering of sorcerers, evil mages practicing forbidden arts, plotted and schemed to overthrow the empress. They stoked the fires of rebellion among the kings of the empire, achieving success in Zargon and Hothir. Both proclaimed independence. While the empress's troops were occupied in the east, the sorcerers struck at the heart of the empire. In a great final battle, the capital Kal-Edinniae was devoured by wild magic. Ayesha and her Anunaki warriors vanished in the chaos. The empire fell.   It is now almost 100 years since the Magic War that ended the empire. The kingdom of Zargon is in a state of civil war as the western barons seek to wrest control from Queen Selene the Black. The kingdom of Hothir competes with the pirate city of Kal-Jafari for control of the seas. Meanwhile, the shimmering cities of Aqbatana grow fat from trade with the embittered east. The cities of the Edinu River Valley are locked in civil strife, each seeking to outdo the others. There are still wizards and sorcerers abroad in the world. Elves and fairies are hidden, but can be found. The dragons are missing, but the gods still answer prayers, even with their holy mountain lost beyond the sea. And there are rumors that the immortal Ayesha and her Anunaki may lurk somewhere in the north, near the curtain wall, beyond which monsters dwell...