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Fortunate Isle is an Island Region in the Kingdom of Nereid Lykandos


The Fortunate Isle Region is governed by the Bethren Faction.


The Defenses, for the Militaris, in the Fortunate Isle Region, are set up as follows:

  The defense of this Region (in the case of a Raid) is based on a point system. Each member in this Region (except Children) holds a Rank; each Rank has a number. Add the numbers together (according to the amount of members in each Rank) and the sum equals your Attack (Hit Points) as well as your Defend (Defensive Points). The Rank numbers are as follows:
  1. 1.
Phylarch - Officer = 10,000
  1. 2.
Phylarch - Soldier = 5,000 (per Soldier within Faction)
  1. 3.
Plebiean - Commoner = 1,000 (per Commoner)
  1. 4.
Plebiean - Merchant = 2,000 (per Merchant)
  1. 5.
Plebiean - Market Owner = 3,000 (per Market Owner)
  In a Raid, the Raiding Faction will Attack (Using their Hit Point number) and the Defending Faction will Defend (Using their Defensive Point number). Raids are won by numbers.

Industry & Trade

Mines, Farms and Hunting Grounds yield Raw Resources. Fortunate Isle has specific Raw Resources, available in their Region. There are 3 types of Markets as well as Shops within each Region's Faction, in the Kingdom of Nereid Lykandos;


The Phylarch appointed to govern the Fortunate Isle Region, is given the following (as a means to stabilize and grow their Faction

  The List below includes the Raw Resources, only available, in the Island Region. The Underlined Raw Resources are the pre-sets. To find the current cultivations & excavations, click on the "Woodlands" Region, under the Factions tab, on the Kingdom's Shivtr site.  
  • Mines -
Fortunate Isle is given one of each of the following sized Mines (each Mine can collect only 1 specific deposit (per month). The Phylarch can request to change the deposit collected):        
Underground: Diamond, Emeralds   Surface: Oil, Lapis Lazuli   Placer: Pearl, Opal, Sand, Shell   In-situ: Clay, Bone, Wood, Compost
Farms -
2 (two) small (pre-set) sized Farms (yielding 3 crops each). Farms grow in size, based on the number of members within this Faction.
  • Vincula -
1 Vincula is established in the Island Region. It will accommodate up to 10 (ten) Individual members, within this Region.
Hunting Ground -
1 Hunting Ground (pre-set to small) is established in the Island Region. The sizes, of Hunting Grounds, are determined by the Kingdom's Royal Heads and will only grow, as your Faction grows. Listed below are ALL the creatures found on the Fortunate Isle(year round), according to the manor in which they are collected (any other creature sighted (in Role Play) is considered unobtainable (will not be added to the member's Fiscus Inventory)):
  • Fishable:
Salmon, Blobfish, Tuna, Goblin Shark  
  • Trapable:
Shrimp, Bat  
  • Huntable:
Deer, Alligator, Tiger
Fiscus -
1 Fiscus (size is infinite) used to record and detail all Raw Resources, Created Wares and Gold of each Faction member.
Bibliotheca -
1 Bibliotheca (size is infinite) used to record and detail the "Recipes" and "Raw Resources" known to the Fortunate Isle Region.
Ludi Litterarii -
1 Ludi Litterarii (size is infinite) used to teach the Children in the Fortunate Isle Region.
Militaris -
1 Militaris (size is infinite) used to train the Officers, Soldiers and Individual Plebieans, in Wars and Duels.
Hostel -
1 Hostel (size is the same in every Faction) used to house the members of Fortunate Isle, that do not own Residential Property.
(Faction Owned) Markets -
All (Faction Owned Markets are pre-set to Small and grow with the number of members in the Region) with Basic Prices (Read: Fortunate Isle “Recipes” and "Raw Resources" cards for Basic Created Wares, and Resources Prices)
4 (four) Markets, listed as follows:
  • Macello:
1 Macello  
  • Pistrina:
1 Pistrina  
  • Apotheca:
1 Apotheca  
  • Armamentarium:
1 Armamentarium


Regardless of the fact that the island's beach couldn't have been more than a half-mile broad, the water had vanished behind an apparently impenetrable barrier of foliage. The sky and the ocean appeared to merge into one; blue on an existing blue palette; however, the island's colors were totally different. Like the weather, they were much hotter. These were the epitome of the region, from the soft rose pink tones of guava to the mellow yellows of mango, the cherry red hues of lychee, and the fresh brown of soil. Custard apple and freshly produced tea leaves were the green flecks here and there. A tiny monsoon was the source of the cold blue. The infrequent monsoon left a jittering grey multitude of shrimps writhing around aimlessly in the water. As if the entire island were made of diamonds, the beach is made up of limitless granules of clear glasslike sand. The island was encircled by shimmering blue waters that glistened in the sunlight. Greenery covered the island, with patches of various colored flowers growing among the shrubs on occasion. A spectacular waterfall, the size of a sheet of blue velour swishing down, its edges trimmed with whipped-white lines, could be seen in the distance. Like a massive waterspout, the water poured into the pool. The Island Faction, the Brethren dwells in the jungle. They live in tents, which are constructed of cloth and are supported by one or more wooden poles that are stretched tight by cords tied to pegs and pushed into the ground. Inside these tents is a large hole that leads to the sea. Because the majority of the brethren are sea creatures, this permits them to enter and exit the sea. These tents are grouped together in groups of five or six, forming the brethren's colony, with bonfires in the center of each group. Before reaching their cold fingertips, the heat from the bonfire seemed to be sucked into the frigid air. They prodded it with long sticks and added additional wood. It looked to shrink a little, as if unsure of itself and unwilling to consume the new gifts. It licked at the new wood nervously, sending faint sparks into the air to die. But after a while, it gained confidence and developed until the heat warmed them up, and orange flames danced in a furious flickering dance to rejoice. It would have to be able to last all night. Someone would have to remain up all night to care for it, guard it, and feed it. As the colonies grew, the market of the Aisle arose. It has a strong fishy odor. Brethren were slicing the heads off their freshly caught fresh fishes with their cleavers and creating fine, clean fillets out of them in the stores. The stifling odor of fish guts poured into baskets is what makes the markets smell so bad for visitors and travelers. The brethren, on the other hand, have become accustomed to the odor. Exotic jewelry created from sea shells was available in addition to fish markets. As they were encrusted onto the sandy floor, these sea shells were gently and carefully picked from the beach. Even seashells, which are no bigger than a person's pinky nail and look like a beautiful unicorn's horn with a spiral going from the tip to the aperture at the base, are sold in marketplaces. Welcome to The fortunate Isles. Home to the creatures of the Sea and the Brethren
Alternative Name(s)
Fortunate Isle
Included Locations
Owning Organization

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