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Tir Na Nog The Kingdom of NereidLykandos

The Forgotten Realm

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Editorial Team

Most think of a Realm as an ancient, far away land. Fairy tales are often recited to human children, telling them of distant worlds, filled with unimaginable creatures, only thought of in dreams; brought forth as bedtime stories that beacon their adventurous minds to sleep. Fables are handed down from generation to generation, telling of places humans cannot reach easily or often. Riding on the backs of Griffins, shooting down a massive Dragon, even Slaying a Monster to save a Princess; each parable, never even hinting at the validity of the exemplum itself.   Would it alarm you to learn, that these "Far Away" lands, are closer than you think? Is it even conceivable that true love, could lead you to enchanted Realms? For a moment, push past all of your doubts and open your eyes to the possibility that portals, to these Realms, could possibly be found where higher frequencies of energy push through a single area of space. No one can say what causes these energies to expand, though some speculate that it has to do with the energy living creatures contain.   The Realm of Tir Na Nog had been, long ago, revered as a paradise and supernatural Realm of everlasting youth, beauty, health and abundance. Fae, both dark and light, had fought over the land for nearly a hundred centuries and laid course to a, now, forgotten dimension. They sparked a war that lasted 200 years and ended with a tyrant King, being brought to his knees and beheaded. Human legends, spoke of this Realm, as a place of immortality, however, that wasn't the truth.   Long ago, Fae lived in a place where time was a much different concept than what humans recognize it as. Tir Na Nog slowed time for it's visitors and those who left after only a few days of visiting, found that hundreds of years had passed, elsewhere. It was truly and enchanted Realm.