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For a great many centuries Vaghaira was a country made up of seven different states, that would at some time or other find themselves at war with one or more of their neighbouring states. Following one rather brutally long war, that resulted in an almost complete collapse of the country as a whole, The last standing ruling family on what would then be the winning side, felt a change was desperately needed.   This would be the ruling family of Hindor, who would then go on to rule the newly united Kingdom of Vaghaira for several more generations and would still be the ruling family at the time of the fourth uprising.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Economic System
Official Languages
Related Ranks & Titles
Related Ethnicities

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Thross Prior

... 29998

This era covers the years prior to the very first Corrupt uprising.

  • 0 TP


    The First Uprising Beginning
    Era beginning/end

Before Unity

29999 34133

This Era covers the dates, between the first Corrupt uprising and the unification of Vagharia as a whole.

  • -4133 BU


    The First Uprising Ending
    Era beginning/end

  • -3100 BU

    -3099 BU


    The Secound Uprising
    Disaster / Destruction

  • 0 BU

    5 Maros

    The Unifying of Vagharnia
    Diplomatic action

After Unity

34133 and beyond

This follows after the unity of Vagharia as a whole.

  • 0 AU

    5 Maros

    The Unifying of Vagharnia
    Diplomatic action

  • 2886 AU

    2886 AU


    The Third Uprising
    Disaster / Destruction

  • 4024 AU

    15 Inos

    Mylea Rathiain
    Life, Birth


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