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Malerion or El'Ven is as old as the race that first spoke it. Although now used by many, it is the main tongue of the Elves, and although mostly used almost universally by Elvish communities from different countries, there is sometimes a slight variation in pronunciation and usage. This is commonly overcome by the context of the word being understood and an educated guess as to what the speaker was meaning.   It is not uncommon for humans of a noble standing to be able to read and write Malerion, even if they do not speak it, or speak it fluently. This practice is mostly undertaken for diplomatic or trading purposes.   Malerion follows a very similar word and sentence structure as the human language. Although in places it may seem far simpler and others far more complicated. This is mostly visible in the use of prefixes and suffixes. Where in the Human language they are far more varied and used. There are words in Malerion that do not use the prefix or suffix as the human word would have.

Writing System

Malerion uses symbology as its alphabet, with a single symbol representing a single letter in the human alphabet.


359 Words.
Spoken by

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