Platinum Fish

The Waterways City is a smaller, more cramped and steeper continent than others in the World of Plaza. The waterfalls and transitory lakes that disappear quickly down holes to nowhere and the lack of food or other resources make the fun vacation spot a rough place for life to develop, but one critter makes it its home.   The platinum fish is a tiny, inoffensive crawler that appears and disappears quickly down the crevices of the area. It is wild, and does not like to interact with any inhabitant of Tierras Mágicas.
Spotting them is one of the activities that clicks and elementalis alike enjoy doing on their trips to the area, admiring their shiny three tails and their ability to crawl inside the holes to nowhere.   The few times a toy found the carcass of an unfortunate platinum fish, they could see their bodies shed a clinging silver dust. Though they found no use for it, the substance intrigued many over the years.   Upon entering Waterways City, vacationers would often sign a chant for the platinum fishes to appear. People sometimes talked about a lesser species called the "tiny fish of silver", though this was often dismissed as trying to ruin the toy's fascination with the much-admired platinum fish.
Narrow, narrow platinum fish
Come play in my fishing net
Crazy with laughter
The seafom is waiting
For you to come dance
— Old chant
Average Length
13–25 mm
Geographic Distribution

Cover image: Silverfish by CSIRO


Author's Notes

My sister used to sing a chopped-up version of an old childrens' song called "Pez de Platino". I didn't learn until much later that the original was a song that actually rhymed.   This article is based on one of TJ Trewin's 400 worldbuilding prompts: "Describe a teeny tiny species that's specific to a region of your world. How does it survive and how does it interact with larger species?"

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