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Harvest 26th, 246 IE

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A new era of knowledge is dawning. The world is vast and full of mysteries, but the way it's people view it has begun to change. Where powerful wizards once lived alone in looming towers, hoarding secret knowledge like dragon's gold, now they meet in open and airy colleges to further their craft and forge wonders by the thousand. Once distant and nameless realms are now bound by a network of teleportation, trade flourishing and spreading across the globe.   While true industry has yet to arrive, cities have begun to develop as the prevalance of magic evolves into a technology of it's own- but as with the good, comes the ill. While the depth of the wilderness and might of the beasts within makes war against ones neighbors unfeasible, the ease with which one can aquire power means that many turn to villany.   Further, as forbidden knowledge spreads, ancient and timeless creatures stir in the darkness. Some things were forgotten for a reason, because even knowing of them allows a foothold into the world. Even in knowledge, one may dig too deep.

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