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The Mask-Maker

The Mask-Maker Emlic Nasir Abbumahn

A central part of the valdurian culture is the mask and cast system they rest upon. The mask maker is the person in charge of making new mask molds used by the state for the population. while most people of means make their own mask to stand out. Everyone is given one at birth.   Apart form making the molds, the mask maker can choose to make new mask to fill holes in the hierarchy. This however is not something done lightly and has to go through the Emperor and the high preist of Illamin.   The current Mask-maker: Milander Kalihafa is pushing to remove/replave the Rat mask. This is having the noble cast of valduria up in arms.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Frail using a cane to get arounf. Smiling eyes. Thin somewhat hunched.

Body Features

Dark skin, bald and a white mustache

Facial Features

Sharp lines, sunken eyes and wrinkly skin.

Identifying Characteristics

Scar on his neck. from a blade.

Physical quirks

Prone to tap his kane to some tune in his mind

Special abilities

The mask maker is usually the most skilled in "true sight" a skill the Maskers practice for the masking cermony.   Also the mask maker usually have moe other magic centered around divination.

Specialized Equipment

Kane hides a sword.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

When Emlic was young he joined the army. This was frowned upon because of his mask not matching the usual prospects. He survived an ambush from the Norm empire an later joined the maskers. after many years of rising in the ranks he was considered the most insightful masker in the valdurian union. when the high priest saliman (an old friend from the war) sugested him to the post of mask-maker the wote was almost unanomus.


Military school. and the namers sect traning. Reads alot. owns a big library.

Accomplishments & Achievements

The first masker to "see" the mask of an elf.

Failures & Embarrassment

Getting his squad killed in the battle of Elminster Pass.

Intellectual Characteristics

Free thinking. Sense of humor. Philosophical. Careful.

Morality & Philosophy

While he is one of the best maskers he also se alot of problems with the system. he believe it is the best system we have. but it CAN be better.


Never let the mask of a person inform my opinion of them.

Personality Characteristics


Learn more of the world and find a way to stop the gloom. Remove or change the meaning of the rat mask.

Biological sex
Gender Identity
Known languages
Valdurian. Common. Elvish.

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