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Water Magic

Ever-shifting, flowing, and steady, the Aspect of Water has powers over sea and spray. Waterweavers make use of it to shape water and cause changes.  

Water Manipulation

Waterweavers are most renowned for their abilities to funnel water across the air, bending it to their whim. Whether creating calm streams or rapid torrents, there is a wide variety of uses for various tasks.   They can draw the water from any nearby source, provided the water is in a liquid form. Be it from a lake, droplets from ice or siphoning the water from their air, should it be humid enough.  


As the Aspect of change, Water Magic is capable of changing the nature of materials into similar ones. Be it simple differences such as a shift in hue, or greater ones like changing the material itself, the manner of transformations is limited only by the Waterweaver’s alchemical knowledge.   This technique, while difficult to master, has led to various economic problems within the world. The ability to transmute metals into gold is something many are wary of, even spurring the desire for a new currency in some areas.  

Arcane Redirection

The Aspect of Water has a unique relationship with the other Aspects. While being channelled, another Aspect can be diverted around the Focus of Water.   This finds most use only when opposing other Spellweavers, forcing their spells to stray from their intended targets. Waterweavers are renowned in Spellweaver circles for being dangerous duelists.


When an area is strong in Water Magic, the air feels slightly damp and humid.

Metaphysical, Arcane

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